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Extraordin Ary

First great name of Brazilian music, Ary Barroso, the author of “Aquarela
do Brasil” (“Brazil”) had one hundred other talents outside the musical
arena. He was also a radio announcer, writer, humorist, reporter, producer,
piano player, master of ceremonies, interviewer, soccer commentator and
narrator, a bachelor in law, and a bohemian till the bitter end. He had
a chance to make big in Hollywood. But he said no with an argument that
you will not believe after reading his colorful movie-like story.
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Alcovas de Cetim (Satin Alcove) — Rebeca Fonda, an unrecognized
great actress lives in a fantasy world. Written by Regiana Antonini, who
won the Sharp prize as Brazil’s 1996 best playwright. Ignês Vianna
does the monologue. Cândido Damm directs.

Amanhã É Dia de Pecar (Tomorrow Is a Day
for Sinning) — Comedy by Mário Lago and José Wanderley. Perfect
marriage starts to crumble when wife thinks her husband is not faithful.
With Marcos Calzolari, Júlia Carrera, Juliette Naegeli, and André

Bonifácio Bilhões (Bonifácio Billion)
— Comedy by world-renowned playwright João Bethencourt who also
directs. How winning the lottery changes a man’s life. It premiered in
1975. With Francisco Milani, Rogério Cardoso, and Elizângela.

Cabaret Brazil – From Getúlio Vargas (1954) to
the military dictatorship’s cruellest year (1968), the history of Brazil
on a cabaret stage. Musical from Wolf Maya and Cininha de Paula directed
by Wolf Maya. With Rosa Marya, Serjão Loroza, Cláudia Lira,
Adriana Garambone, and Danielle Winits.

 São Paulo
Antônio Mora Recebe Fernando Pessoa (Antônio
Mora Receives Fernando Pessoa) Comic monologue from Marco Antônio
Braz and Maurício Marques. A medium trying in vain to chanel the
great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa who also used the Antônio Mora
pen name. Directed by Marco Antônio Braz. With Maurício Marques.

O Banquete (The Banquet) — Paulo Simões’s experimental
show using Plato’s classic text. There is no stage. Spectator around a
table participate in a debate about love and virtue. With Wanderley Damaceno
and Fábio Zagui.

Cheque ou Mate (Check or Mate) — Comedy by Ricardo Semler.
Wealthy family deals with a kidnapping attempt. With Raul Cortez, Myriam
Persia, and Malu Bailo.

O Cordão Umbilical (The Umbilical Cord) — Comedy
written by Mário Prata. The `70s’ youth through the eyes of a prostitute,
an actress and a student. Directed by Paolino Raffanti with Camila Raffanti.

Engano (Mistake) — Ricardo Leitte wrote and directed this
comic thriller. Three youngsters fight for a bag full of money. With Raquel
Marinho, Roberto Rocha, and Vera Villela.

Um Espírito Baixou em Mim (A Spirit Possessed Me)
— On the eve of his wedding, super macho man is possessed by a gay spirit
who starts to flirt with the bride’s brother. Comedy written by Ronaldo
Ciambroni. With Walter Carvalho and Vitor Branco, who also directed.

 American films just released: Looking for Richard (Ricardo
III, um Ensaio), The Company of Strangers (Na Companhia de Estranhos),
The Lost World: Jurassic Park (O Mundo Perdido: Jurassic Park), To Gillian
on Her 37th Birthday (Para Gillian no Seu Aniversário), High School
High (Uma Escola Muito Doida), Jungle 2 Jungle (Meu Filho das Selvas),
Everyone Says I Love You (Todos Dizem Eu Te Amo), One Fine Day (Um Dia
Especial), Murder at 1600 (Crime na Casa Branca), The Saint (O Santo),
Inventing the Abbots (Círculos de Paixões), Con Air (Con
Air: A Rota da Fuga), The Preacher’s Wife (Um Anjo em Minha Vida), Mother
Night (Vítima do Passado),

Ed Mort — Brazil — 1996 — Private eye Ed Mort (his name
plays with the word morte, death in Portuguese) is hired by a suspicious
wife to locate her husband — a master of disguise — when he disappears.
Based on the comical characters created by writer Luís Fernando
Veríssimo. Direct by Alain Fresnot. With Paulo Betti, Cláudia
Abreu, Irene Ravache and Otávio Augusto.

Kama Sutra (Kama Sutra) — India — 1996 — Two women, a
maid and a queen fighting for the love of a king. By Mira Nair, with Naveen
Andrews, Indira Varma, and Sarita Choudhury.

O Homem Nu (The Naked Man) — Brazil — 1996 — Man
is taken for sexual pervert and even terrorist after being locked outside
his apartment naked. Remake of movie inspired by a Fernando Sabino short
story. With Cláudio Marzo, Lúcia Veríssimo, and Daniel
Dantas. Directed by Hugo Carvana.

O Que É Isso, Companheiro? (What’s That, Pal?)
— Brazil — 1996 — The story of the young guerrillas from the ALN (Ação
Libertadora Nacional) and MR-8 (Movimento Revolucionário) who on
September 4, 1969 kidnapped Charles Elbrick, the American ambassador in
Brazil exchanging him for 15 political prisoners. Loosely based on Fernando
Gabeira’s book of same name. Directed by Bruno Barreto. With Alan Arkin,
Pedro Cardoso, Fernanda Torres, Selton Mello, and Fernanda Montenegro.

Pequeno Dicionário Amoroso (Little Love Dictionary)
— Brazil — 1996 — A chance meeting between two youngsters develops into
a torrid love story. Directed by Sandra Werneck with Andréa Beltrão,
Daniel Dantas, and Tony Ramos.

Shine (Shine: Brilhante) — England/Australia — 1996 —
The story of pianist David Helfgott, whose career is interrupted by disease.
He then returns to the concert circuit. Directed by Scott Hicks. With Geoffrey
Rush and Armin Mueller.

O Velho: A História de Luiz Carlos Prestes (The
Old Man: The Luiz Carlos Prestes’s Story) — Brazil — 1995 — Documentary
based on a 1985 interview given by the founder of PCB (Partido Comunista
Brasileiro—Brazilian Communist Party), Luiz Carlos Prestes (1898-1990).
By Toni Venturi, narrated by actor Paulo José.



1. O Paciente Inglês

Michael Ondaatje

2. O Último Chefão

Mario Puzo

3. O Mundo de Sofia

Jostein Gaarder

4. Armadilha Aérea

Michael Crichton

5. Novas Comédias da Vida Privada

Luís Fernando Veríssimo

6. Cinco Dias em Paris

Danielle Steel

7. O Homem que Calculava

Malba Tahan

8. O Xangô de Baker Street

Jô Soares

9. Ponto de Fuga

Morris West

10. Legítima Defesa

Jonathan Kellerman

1. O Princípio Dilbert

Scott Adams

2. Che Guevara—Uma Biografia

Jon Lee Anderson

3. A Cama na Varanda

Regina Navarro Lins

4. Chic — Um Guia Básico de Moda e Estilo

Glória Kalil

5. A Arte da Guerra para Executivos

Donald G. Krause

6. Diário de um Magro

Mário Prata

7. O Que É Isso, Companheiro?

Fernando Gabeira

8. Ah, Se Eu Soubesse

Richard Edler

9. História da Vida Privada no Brasil

Fernando Novais and Laura de Mello e Souza

10. Meus Pratos Inesquecíveis

Michael Tucker

Self-Help/New Age
1. Meu Anjo

Fausto Oliveira

2. A Cura Através da Terapia de Vidas Passadas

Brian L. Weiss

3. Manual do Guerreiro da Luz

Paulo Coelho

4. A Inteligência Emocional

Daniel Goleman

5. A Profecia Celestina

James Redfield

6. A Inteligência Emocional e a Arte de Educar Nossos Filhos

John Gottman and Joan DeClaire

7. As Sete Leis Espirituais do Sucesso

Deepak Chopra

8. Muitas Vidas, Muitos Mestres

Brian L. Weiss

9. Minutos de Sabedoria

Torres Pastorino

10. Violetas na Janela

Vera Lúcia Marizeck Carvalho


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