Way to go

I enjoyed very much reading about the Brazilian women writers and the
excerpts that Brazzil printed. I identify myself with them, as I
love reading and I write a little. The magazine in the past has published
articles on women which I eagerly read to be disappointed. They were worried
about the size of their breasts or bumbuns. They were prostitutes
or men chasers. They showed their private parts to make a living.

And I thought, ‘Gee whiz, I don’t know anyone like that!’ The women
I know are mothers trying to raise their children as decent citizens in
a difficult world. They are in schools teaching the ABCs. They are in farms
raising food. They are in offices treating the sick or fixing peoples teeth.
They are in hospitals comforting the ill and so on. We rather show our
intelligence and concern for a better world.

I was happy to know that writer Rachel de Queiroz is still alive. As
a young girl in Brazil I enjoyed reading her articles in the last page
of O Cruzeiro magazine. Please write more about women like us, we
are the majority. This article was a good start.

Geoniora Oliveira
Fountain Valley, California

Blame the computer

A friend loaned me a copy of Brazzil. I noticed in your October
issue’s article on Rio some glaring boobies; the contrast between the zona
and the zona sul, for example, became more comical as the
piece wore on. Of course everyone realized eventually that it was zona
and zona sul, but who could tell which was which? In any
case, I would be interested in volunteering to proofread the English articles
as time allows.

Dave Kelley III

Via E-mail

We get help

I am currently a training specialist with the US Peace Corps in Washington,
DC, but am looking for a way to put my five years of previous professional
experience in proofreading and editing to use. I am also a confirmed Brazil
nut, having lived in Rio de Janeiro for one and a half years (until December
1995), and am excited at the prospect of using my skills to help promote
awareness and appreciation of all things Brazilian! I also speak fairly
fluent Portuguese.

Michelle DeFayette
Washington, DC

We get kudos

I applaud your efforts to keep us informed of what is really going on
in Brazil. I am particularly interested in up-to-date business information.
Keep up the good work!

Frank D. Johnson
Columbia University
Astoria, New York

Sharing the fun

It is with great pleasure that I receive Brazzil every month!
Congratulations for the excellent work in making the Brazilian culture
known in the United States. I am enclosing a check not only to renew my
subscription, but also to give subscriptions as a gift to two very special
people, with whom I would like to share our culture: Eszter (my mokuci)
and Ricardo (my kamba).

André DiMarzio
Urbana, Illinois

Don’t mention it

This is to thank Brazzil for the article on “Luiz Inácio
e os Trezentos Picaretas,” our song that was banned by the Brazilian
Justice. The sequence of the facts is very well written as well as the
translation of the lyrics. We are copying and printing your article so
we can show it when somebody asks us about the censorship episode. If you
will allow us, naturally.

João Basone

Paralamas do Sucesso
Brazil – Via E-mail

To a future embassador

It’s my pleasure go give a one year subscription of Brazzil to
my good friend American-Brazilian Prof. Michael Leitão Dougherty.
Prof. Dougherty teaches Latin American and Brazilian History at Miami University
for many years. He has visited Brazil more than 25 times, and even though
he was born in Delaware his heart is Brazilian. One day, he says, he wants
to be the American Embassador to Brazil. That’s his dream!

Prof. Esdras Othon Leitão
Los Angeles, California

Research source

First of all I would like to tell you that everyone at home greatly
enjoys reading Brazzil. In one of your back issues (February or
March) you published an excellent article on the origin of Carnaval in
Brazil. I need to make a report on Brazilian Carnaval to a group of foreign
students and I would like to use your article as reference. Can you authorize
this? Is that number still available for purchase? We are remodelling our
house and the back issues are stored some place. If I only could find them!

Sueli C. Zardo
Via E-mail

Longing for Pigalle

Please renew my subscription for another year. I have really enjoyed
your magazine and the perspective it offers on Brazilian affairs. Until
I can afford to drop back to the Pigalle restaurant under the Rio Palace
in Copacabana for a chope or ten, this is definitely the next best
thing! Cheers and obrigado!

Terry J. Cooper
Ottawa, Canada

Next stop: Brazil

I just want to let you know that I really enjoy Brazzil because
it gives me the opportunity to know more about that wonderful land, Brazil.
I am a Mexican citizen, but I am much in love with Brazil and I hope that
I will be able to go there in the near feature. In the meantime reading
your magazine makes me feel closer to that country. Do you have a WEB page?

Lucy Burnette
Via E-mail

Too crazy

Thanks for a wonderfully informative magazine. The name change from
News from Brazil to Brazzil was muito louco. And does
not add anything to your otherwise fine publication. Unfortunately most
Americans will now think this is the way to spell Brazil.

James Herring
Elizabeth, New Jersey

Look inside

Don’t you have any news on the trial of Paula Thomaz and Guilherme de
Pádua who killed the actress Daniella Perez? And why was her death
surrounded with so much violence? Black magic? Thanks. Your magazine is
getting better and better.

Octavia Moy
San Francisco, California

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