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O Burguês Ridículo (Ridiculous Bourgeois)
Adapted from a Molière’s comedy. Directed by Guel
Arraes and João Falcão with Marco Nanini and Betty Gofman.



O Burguês Ridículo (Ridiculous Bourgeois)
Adapted from a Molière’s comedy. Directed by Guel
Arraes and João Falcão with Marco Nanini and Betty Gofman.

Como Encher um Biquíni Selvagem (How to Fill Up
a Wild Bikini) — A comic view of loneliness in the big city. Boy wonder
Miguel Falabella wrote and directs. Starring Cláudia Jimenez.

A Dama do Mar (The Sea Lady) — The sea is an image for
the Élida’s despair in which she dives every day. Directed by Ulysses
Cruz. With Christiana Guinle, Paloma Duarte, and Tereza Seiblitz.

Roque Santeiro — O Musical (Roque, the Saint Maker —
The Musical) — The romantic adventures of Roque and the
widow Porcina. With Nicete Bruno and Agildo Ribeiro, Written by Dias Gomes,
directed by Bibi Ferreira.

São Paulo

Cenas de um Casamento (Scenes of a Marriage) — Ingmar
Bergman’s text about a seemingly happy marriage. Vivian Buckup directs.
Tony Ramos and Regina Braga star.

Drácula e Outros Vampiros (Dracula and Other Vampires)
— A collection of comic and thrilling characters. Created and directed
by Antunes Filho with Grupo de Teatro Macunaíma.

E Continua Tudo Bem (Everything is Still Swell) — The
story starts when a couple celebrates the 25th anniversary of their first
adultery. Written by Bernard Slade. Directed by Marco Nanini. Glória
Menezes and Tarcísio Meira star.

Intensa Magia (Intense Magic) — Contemporary
drama written by Maria Adelaide Amaral about a father and his relationship
with the family. Silnei Siqueira directs Mauro Mendonça, Rosamaria
Murtinho and Nina de Pádua.


American films just released: Tales from the Crypt: Bordello
of Blood (Contos do Além Túmulo: O Bordel de Sangue), Multiplicity
(Eu, Minha Mulher e Minhas Cópias), Basquiat (Basquiat, Traços
de uma Vida), The First Wives Club (O Clube das Desquitadas), Beautiful
Girls (Brincando de Seduzir), The Glimmer Man (Glimmerman — O Homem das
Sombras), The Pallbearer (O Primeiro Amor de um Homem), Maximum Risk (Risco
Máximo), Last Man Standing (O Último Matador), The Arrival
(A Invasão), The Frighteners (Os Espíritos), Hoop Dreams
(Basquete Blues), Tin Cup (O Jogo da Paixão) Jack (Jack), Barb Wire
(A Justiceira), Courage Under Fire (Coragem Sob Fogo)

Doces Poderes (Sweet Powers) — Brazil — 1995 — A TV
drama during an electoral campaign. Directed by Lúcia Murat. With
Marisa Orth, Antônio Fagundes and Otávio Augusto.

Como Nascem os Anaw6kx (How Angels Are Born) — Brazil —
1996 — Two children from the favela (slum) take an American family
as hostage. Starring Priscila Assum, Silvio Guindane, Larry Pine e André
Mattos. Directed by Murilo Salles.

Fica Comigo (Stay With Me) — Brazil — 1996 — The difficult
relationship between parents and teenagers. Directed by Tizuka Yamasaki.
Starring Antônio Fagundes, Luciana Rigueira, Vitor Hugo and Lúcia

O Judeu (The Jew) — Brazil/Portugal — 1995 — The story
Luso-Brazilian playwright who was persecuted by the Inquisition in the
18th Century. Directed by Jom Tob Azulay. With Felipe Pinheiro, Dina Sfat,
José Lewgoy, and Fernanda Torres.

La Ley del Deseo (A Lei do Desejo) — Spain — 1986 —
The dreams and drama of two siblings: one a homosexual, the other a transsexual
actress. Directed by Pedro Almodóvar. With Eusebio Poncela, Carmem
Maura, Antônio Banderas, and Miguel Molina.

O Monge e a Filha do Carrasco (The Monk and the Hangman’s
— Brazil/EUA — 1994 — Directed by Walter Lima Jr., starring
Murilo Benício, Karina Barun, Patrícia Pillar and Paul Dillon.
A young Franciscan monk deals with faith and desires in 18th century Germany.

Quem Matou Pixote? (Who Killed Pixote?) — Brazil — 1996
— The film tells what happened to Fernando Ramos da Silva, the boy who
starred in the worldwide acclaimed film Pixote. José Joffily
directs. With Cassiano Carneiro, Luciana Rigueira, and Joana Fomm.



1. A Décima Profecia

James Redfield

2. O Monte Cinco

Paulo Coelho

3. A Profecia Celestina

James Redfield

4. Operação Cavalo de Tróia 5

J. J. Benítez

5. O Mundo de Sofia

Jostein Gaarder

6. Novas Comédias da Vida Privada

Luís Fernando Veríssimo

7. Não És Tu, Brasil

Marcelo Rubens Paiva

8. Carol


9. O Xangô de Baker Street

Jô Soares

10. Escolha da Dra. Cole

Noah Gordon


1. Inteligência Emocional

Daniel Goldman

2. Minutos de Sabedoria

Torres Pastorino

3. Frases

Paulo Coelho

4. Almas Gêmeas

Mônica Buonfiglio

5. Só o Amor É Real

Brian L. Weiss

6. Minutos de Sabedoria Simples — Torres Pastorino

7. Muitas Vidas, Muitos Mestres

Brian L. Weiss

8. O Rio do Meio

Lya Luft

9. A Verdade de Cada Um

Zíbia Gasparetto

10. Anaw6kx Cabalísticos

Mônica Buonfiglio

According to daily newspaper
O Estado de S. Paulo

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