Record Exports for Chicken and Pork in Brazil

Brazilian exports of chicken rose to a new record 252,623 tons in August, 30.4% more than in August 2003. Revenue from August 2004 chicken exports reached US$ 243.9 million.

Cumulatively for this year, from January to August, chicken exports (totalling 1,597,000 tons) are up 26%, compared to the same perí­od in 2003. Meanwhile revenue for the period (totalling US$ 1.706 billion). is up 53.8%, compared to the same period in 2003.

The chicken exporter association (Abef) reports that the numbers show they were on target with their forecasts for the year of an increase of 8% to 10% in volume, and 25% in revenue.

The main importer of Brazilian chicken is Saudi Arabia, which imported 211,214 tons between January and August this year, an increase of 20.5% over 2003 imports.

But chicken exports to Japan rose most (helped by sanitation problems with bird flu in China and Thailand): up 64.5% to 204,389 tons.

However, while chicken exports to Asia and the Mideast rose this year, in Europe they dropped 15.5% in volume due to protectionism. Revenue from chicken exports to Europe rose a sickly 0.5% during the period.

Pork Exports

In August, revenue from sales of Brazilian pork abroad reached a record US$ 91.7 million, with the volume, at 58,985 tons, the second highest ever (behind only September 2002).

Compared to August 2003, revenue was up 101%, and volume up 37.6%. International pork prices have given revenue a strong boost, rising around 46% (from US$ 1,065 per ton in 2003, to US$ 1,555 today).

Cumulative pork export revenue for the year is now at US$ 458.6 million (up 40% over 2003), with volume of 325,523 tons (up 2.5%).

The biggest importers of Brazilian pork are Russia (38,666 tons), Hong Kong (5,470 tons), Ukraine (5,014 tons), Argentina (2,571 tons), Singapore (1,438 tons), South Africa (451 tons) and Georgia (395 tons). 

Agência Brasil


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