Brazil Wants to Know Where Brazilians Keep Their Racism

The 117th anniversary of the Lei Àurea (Golden Law), which ended slavery in Brazil, was remembered this Friday, May 13, in a public audience at the Federal Senate.

The audience gathered authorities and representatives of several social movements that discussed ways of eliminating racial discrimination.

The Secretary of Policies for the Promotion of Racial Equality (Seppir), Minister Matilde Ribeiro, said that Brazil is a racist country and that during these 117 years many things could have been done for the black population. According to her, one of the greatest advances was the creation of her secretariat.

According to the Minister, Seppir operates in several fronts, in conjunction with many ministries, with the objective of inserting the subject in the public policies for education, labor, sports, and housing.

Ribeiro says that there is a current campaign in Brazil, organized by 40 institutions, that asks the following question: “Where do you keep your racism?”

According to her, the campaign’s objective is to make citizens change their habits in order to contribute for an improved interracial relationship.

During the audience, a representative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Unesco), Edna Roland, proposed to members of the Brazilian parliament a formal apology for the four centuries of slavery.

Edna Roland still suggested the creation of a memorial for the victims of slavery, and the institution of a National Fund for the Promotion of Racial Equality.

Agência Brasil


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