Best April in 13 Years for Jobs in Brazil

266,095 new jobs were created in Brazil in April, according to the General Register of Employment and Unemployment (Caged) of the Ministry of Labor. This was the best result for this month since 1992.

The service sector led the way employing 87,475 people, an increase of 0.89% when compared to March. It was followed by the manufacturing industry (79,495 jobs), food and beverages (51,010), agriculture (44,207), commerce (33,308), and construction (14,532).

According to the Minister of Labor, Ricardo Berzoini, these numbers demonstrate that the export business is not the only source of job generation in the country.

“To support this analysis, just take a look at the performance of the commerce, service, food and beverages sectors, which are mostly related to the internal market. Recovering internal income has stimulated job generation, which, as results indicate, is increasing,” he said.

Berzoini said that last year’s average of 127 thousand new jobs per month was a record.

With these good results, the Minister is optimistic regarding the fulfillment of government’s promise to create 10 million job positions until the end of its mandate, in December 2006.

Berzoini estimates that 1.5 million new jobs will be created still this year.

He also explained that the number of jobs will probably go up next semester because of the new lines of credit, and public investments in construction.

The minister estimates that approximately 5 million job posts were created since January 2003.

Agência Brasil


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