If Sí£o Paulo, Brazil, Were a Country, It Would Be Number 30

The state of São Paulo, in Brazil, will have, on July 30, 40 million inhabitants and as of then will have a population that is greater than 178 countries, behind only 29 nations.

The projection was made by the State System for Data Analysis Foundation (Seade), organization related to the São Paulo state government. The latest study made indicates that the state has a population of 39.3 million inhabitants.

In South America, the state will only lose to Colombia in terms of population size.

The growth rate registered in the state, of 1.8% per year, is greater than the national rate, of 1.6%, according to the last demographic study.

In the period between 2000 and 2005, the group of inhabitants that increased the most was of ages between 45 and 59 years, with a rate of 4.2% per year.

The population with ages between 15 and 29 years increased 1%; between 30 and 44 years increased 1.6% and between 60 and 74 years, 2.6%. The age group of 75 years and above increased 3.9%.

According to the Seade, the growth in the population with active age, up to 59 years, and of the third age, above 60 years, is the result of high birth indices and the drop in death rates happening since 1945.

The migration observed between the years of 1960 and 1980, period in which a great number of people from other states, with ages between 20 and 30 years, sought work in São Paulo, also influenced the index. The smaller increase in the child population happened due to the reduction in birth rates.

Women are the majority in the São Paulo population since their life expectancy is eight years greater than men’s, as well as forming great part of the migratory movements from other states.

Among the cities in the state of São Paulo, Bertioga, in the northern coast, has the greatest yearly population growth, with 8.4% per year, and Itaocá the greatest population decrease, with 1.7%.

The population, of significant volume, also moves the greatest economy in Brazil. Last year, the state of São Paulo had revenues of US$ 31 billion with exports, which means about one third of the total sold by the country abroad. The residents of São Paulo have per capita income of US$ 4,557. The state has 645 cities.

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