Brazilian Dam Victims Camping in the Gardens of ID Bank

The families of the Movement of Dam Victims (MAB) will remain camped outside the headquarters of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) until next week.

The information was given by one of the movement’s coordinators, Rosana Mendes.

“The Bank’s directors say they only negotiate with us after we leave the place. And we will not leave. That’s why they told us they will only give answers to our requests next week,” reveals Mendes.

She confirmed that IDB’s directorate promised to pay for the group’s meals while protest lasts.

Approximately 350 people have been camping in the institution’s gardens in Brasí­lia since May 31. They demand compensations for the construction of the Serra da Mesa and Cana Brava dams, financed by the IDB.

This is the second time that MAB invades the bank. The first was in 2002 and for the same reason: in order to build these dams, most agricultural workers were expelled from the land in which they lived, and were paid insignificant indemnities.

The hydroelectric plants of Serra da Mesa and Cana Brava were built by different companies, but caused similar problems to the affected population. The former has been operating for nine years, and expelled 925 families from their lands.

The few indemnities paid were jointly calculated by the construction companies, Furnas, and by the VBC group (composed of the companies Votorantim, Bradesco, and Camargo Correa).

Cana Brava was built by Belgian multinational Tractebel. The dam dispossessed 986 families of their lands. Tractebel tried to resettle some people, however, settlements did not have electricity, water, or sewage infrastructure.

Agência Brasil



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