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Brazil’s Lula Has Converted the State into a Business Counter, Says Opposition

Representatives of the PSDB (Party of the Brazilian Social Democracy) in the Chamber of Deputies distributed an official note reiterating their total support for investigations to verify charges of corruption in federal government enterprises.

“The investigations are vital to preserve the proper functioning of democratic institutions and defend the functions of the State, which are to look after the larger interests of the population and not give rise to questionable private benefits,” affirms the note prepared by Deputies from the PSDB, the opposition party in Lula’s Administration.

The lawmakers call for a broad investigation to mete out punishment to all those found guilty of corrupt activities.

In the note the “tucanos” (toucans, the nickname given to members of the PSDB) reaffirm that it was not the PSDB that caused the crisis, which they attribute, instead, to the relationship the Executive sought to establish with the Legislature.

“The disorder that is now apparent is the result of the type of relationship that the Executive, under the guidance of the PT, tried to establish with the Congress.

“Without projects for the country, Lula’s Administration chose cooptation and, in so doing, disdained doctrines dear to democracy. It converted the State into a business counter,” the tucano Deputies claim.



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