Brazil Has a US$ 19 Billion Surplus with US$ 52 Billion in Exports

According to Brazil’s Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, the week of June 20 to 26 was a good week for Brazil’s foreign trade.

The surplus was US$ 1.075 billion, the biggest weekly surplus of the month, with the daily average value of exports reaching US$ 215 million.

The numbers for the week: exports of US$ 2.411 billion and imports of US$ 1.336 billion. As a result, the trade surplus for the month of June rose to US$ 3.349 billion.

Meanwhile, the cumulative surplus for the year is now at US$ 18.995 billion. That is US$ 4.484 billion, or 30.9%, more than the surplus during the same period last year.

Total exports for 2005 are now at US$ 51.974 billion, up 23.6% over 2004. Imports are up 19.8% over 2004, at US$32.979 billion.



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