Tomorrow, Deadline for Foreigners Interested in Brazilian College Scholarships

Foreign students interested in attending Brazilian universities have until tomorrow, July 12, to apply at Brazilian embassies in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and East Timor.

The Undergraduate Program for Foreigners (PEC-G) is a cooperation program in the area of human resource training, intended to enable citizens of developing countries with which Brazil maintains educational or cultural agreements to do undergraduate work at Brazilian universities that participate in the PEC-G.

According to Ana Lúcia Bezerra Pedroza, who is in charge of the Division of International Affairs of the Ministry of Education (MEC), around 600 students enter Brazilian universities each year through the program.

“This year there was an increase, and we have 780 students who were selected,” she informed. 76 institutions of higher education around the country participate in the program. The most popular courses are medicine and engineering.

The program is open to foreign students between the ages of 18 and 25 who have concluded their secondary education. Preference is given to students linked to national socioeconomic development programs that are the object of diplomatic agreements between Brazil and the student’s country of origin.

These programs determine the student’s commitment to return to his or her country and contribute in the area in which he or she graduated.

The PEC-G is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Relations, through its Division of Educational Cooperation in the Department of Scientific, Technical, and Technological Cooperation, and by the Ministry of Education, through its Division of International Affairs in the Secretariat of Higher Education.

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