Brazil Says Man Accused of Being Pay-Off Scheme Moneyman Was Never Lula’s Consultant

The office of Brazil’s Presidency has released a note denying that adman/businessman Marco Valério was ever authorized to present himself as “a consultant of the Presidency of Brazil” in dealings with the government of Portugal, or any other organizations.

Deputy Roberto Jefferson (PTB-RJ) has named Marcos Valério as the moneyman/operator of a payoff scheme in Congress in which some members of allied parties received a monthly allowance from the PT to ensure that they would vote with the government.

At a Congress’s Ethics Council hearing on Tuesday, August 2, Jefferson made a new accusation: that Valério negotiated funds for the PT at Portugal Telecom communications corporation.

Yesterday, in an interview in a Portuguese newspaper (Expresso), the former Portuguese minister of Public Works, Antonio Mexia, declared that he had a meeting with Marcos Valério, who, in fact, “presented himself as a consultant of the Presidency of Brazil.”

Mexia added that the meeting with Valério was arranged by the president of Portugal Telecom, Miguel Costa, who also referred to Valério as a “consultant of the Presidency of Brazil.”

According to the note from the Presidency, Valério was never formally or officially appointed a consultant, which would be necessary for him to act as such.

The note also reports that the Brazilian embassy in Portugal never arranged meetings for Valério with then-minister Mexia or any other authorities.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian embassy in Portugal says it is discussing the matter with former minister Mexia and that, if necessary, it may take legal action.

Agência Brasil


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