Brazilian Adman Involved in Lula’s Mess Unburdens Himself: Stop Picking on Me

Adman Marcos Valério says that he did pay Duda Mendonça’s ad agency for services to the PT, but he denied that any payments were made through fiscal paradises in the Caribbean.

Thursday, August 11, Mendonça made the Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva government tremble when he declared that he received money for his work in the 2002 PT campaigns through a company he had opened in the Bahamas, which is a fiscal and financial crime.

Adman Valério claims that he paid adman Mendonça US$ 6.6 million (15 million reais) in checks (a total of 22 of them) and cash.

As for the Bahamas account, Valério denies he had anything to do with it. “I never advised anyone, much less Duda Mendonça, someone much older and more experienced than myself, to open an account abroad.”

Valério added that he never transferred money to Mendonça through accounts abroad.

Valério says he has documentary proof of all the payments he made, when they were made and where they were made. He says he can prove the origin of the money and has receipts from his firm.

And then he got something off his chest: “I have been used and now they are spitting me out. It is much easier to accuse a small businessman from Minas Gerais than the famous Duda Mendonça.”

Agência Brasil



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