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Brazil Will Never Have Blackouts Again, Promises President Lula

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, speaking after a visit to the Peixe Angical hydroelectric power plant in the state of Tocantins, declared that the government intends to continue providing incentives for investments by the public and private sectors in electricity generation.

According to the President, this official backing should prevent problems with blackouts and guarantee sustainable development in Brazil. Lula also announced that besides the 19 power plants presently under construction, another 23, both hydroelectric and thermoelectric, will be built.

“Brazil is never again going to face blackouts and rationing like it did in 2001. That was a national disaster. It happened at the exact moment the country was trying to convince foreign investors to come to Brazil.

“But how could someone build a factory in Brazil if there was an energy shortfall?” declared Lula. “That is a negation of development! Infrastructure investments are essential if we are going to attract foreign investors.”



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  • David G Edmondson

    Are there any inexpensive ways for a poor boy like myself to visit Brazil for a couple of months>years

  • David G Edmondson

    The Military should be universal just like ideas

  • David G Edmondson

    Is there anybody here? I cannot read my comment after I submit it?

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