Brazil Offers to Help Katrina Victims

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has sent a message to American President George W. Bush, expressing solidarity following the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina in the south of the United States.

In the message, released, Thursday, September 1st, by Brazil’s Foreign Relations Ministry, Lula cited the “pungent images of desolation” in the city of New Orleans and added that “we Brazilians are ready and willing to participate in any international effort to assist those affected by this tragedy.”

This is the President’s message in its entirety:

“At this time of great sorrow, I wish to express the utmost solidarity of the Brazilian people and government to the North-American nation, in the face of the natural catastrophe that hit the states of  Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

“They are pungent images of desolation the ones coming to us from the historical city of New Orleans. We direct our thought above all to the fatal victims and their families, as well as to the great number of those afflicted.

“We want President Bush to know that we Brazilians are ready and willing to participate in any international effort to assist those affected by this tragedy.”



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  • Uganda Lee

    My family and I are victims of Hurricane Katrina & Rita. Anyone that is willing an able
    to assist us we thank you.

  • Guest

    Where\’s Brazil?
    Ok, Lula is willing to participate! How about star participating then.
    Germany just donated 3.3 million dollars out of oil, which is one of the biggest concerns here in US. We know that brazil produces 90% or more of his consumption of oil. Why can’t we get some of the money from that corruption scandal involving the Worker’s Party (PT) and donate some oil, [B]refined[/B] oil (US got plenty of crude oil on reserves), that would be a start.
    Ops, I forgot Petrobras needs to make a profit doen’t it? Thats why gas is so expensive in brazil.

  • Guest

    Helping our “ungrateful butts”? Well who worked for 350 years (1619-1965) free and low cost labor to make YOUR nation the greatest in the world? Good black labor that’s who! And our leadership had to endure violent deaths before you even offered black folks voting rights even though we were TAX PAYING citizens.

    Welfare assistance to black Americans? That’s a laugh. An illegal immigrant can receive more (and does) than the average black citizen. Don’t make it seem like America is supporting a lot of lazy blacks who refuse to work.

    As the previous poster stated he or she had to go to a foreign company to receive a fair crack at a job. Blacks toiled for 350 years and received only crumbs in return so if anybody helped anybody’s ungrateful butts it wasn’t you.

    I am glad that the rest of the world sees the hypocrisy of American democracy and all of its liberty and justice and equality for all. It’s a crock of shit! Black people who have sacrificed the most for the”richest nation on earth” receive the less benefits. It has been proven time and time again that any other ethnic group receives FAR more in loans, housing and education than blacks whose ancestors built up the nation. And America has all the nerve to go all over the world condemning “human ” rights abuses in other nations. Go figure!

  • Guest

    As a black American I thank Brazil, El Salvador, Cuba, Argentina and the rest of the world for even OFFERING condolences and assistance. It is greatly appreciated. America is the richest country in the world but that wealth does not include humanitarian aid.

    Many white Americans (via websites and message boards have let it be known that they are not helping “fat assed criminal minded n-ggers”. The American press delighted in broadcasting front page photoes of a few blacks looting stores as if to say “see this is how THEY are – criminal minded).

    However the world’s leaders showed compassion for suffering human beings and offered assistance with what they had to give. Cuba even offered to send over medical doctors. Many nations expressed outrage over the heartless racist nature of America who is hardened to the suffering of the black masses.

    So what if a few blacks have education. Most blacks due to continued segregation and discrimination still live in third world conditions in the wealthiest nation on earth.

    This is not to say every white American is a heartless bastard but there are quite a few blowing up the message boards with heartless statements all starting with “n-gger’. That cruel heartless Ku Klux Klan element is still very much alive in American society.

  • Guest

    First of all black Americans DO help themselves and everybody else too thank you very much. I am a black person, a former resident of New Orleans and I will tell you why most of the black persons are poor. They won’t hire them for the decent jobs, only the slave wage ones. I walked my ass off in the hot sun all day looking for work (I have a college degree) only to be told by white employers “we don’t hire black people for these type of positions.” Finally one sympathetic white employer told me about a job that would be perfect for me and it was located in Japan. I applied for the job and was hired on the spot and lived in Japan for over 20 years.

    Secondly black people did NOT discover New Orleans. It was discovered by the French in 1718 and the first shipment of black slaves arrived in 1719.

    And as for welfare benefits? American corporations receive 95% of American welfare benefits (of course they don’t call it that).

    Typical white American attitude – all blacks are big fat lazy welfare recipients living off the largesse of the government. Well I have told my story as a former resident of New Orleans. If a slim, well groomed college educated black cannot get a decent job there what makes you think an uneducated black can?

    Yes thanks to bloody civil rights battles blacks have achieved a few gains in 40 years but it is largely due to their own struggles not due to the generosity of the US government.

  • Guest

    Where is Brazil\’s aid? Not even a plane
    Where is Brazil’s aid to the storm victims of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama? When did Brazil ever even offer aid to American storm, hurricane, tornado, or earthquake victims or to any one else on this planet?

    Most black Americans are not poor, do not live on welfare, and have hgirer educational levels than Brazilians, of all colors, and higher income levels since slavery was ended in the U.S..

  • Guest

    Bush Cares!
    Most Black Americans don’t give a damn about themselves!!! Bush has helped approve $10Billion dollar in Aide from Congress. What do you call that?
    It’s not Bush’s fault that they lived below sea level. What has that got to do with anything? Considering that 90% of those blacks are living off welfare (read the U.S. government) what do you expect? Get with reality.
    New Orleans was one shit hole that got flooded and now the white people are there rescuing your ungrateful butts!!
    I don’t see a lot of Black Americans helping their own…Let’s get real here!

  • La Dominadora

    God Bless You Brazil!
    God bless the Brazilians for caring because President Bush sure doesn’t. The city of New Orleans is about 70% black and most of the blacks lived below sea level and below the poverty line. President Bush doesn’t give a d-mn about black Americans. God bless Brazil and Lula for caring because America and President Bush sure dont.

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