Brazil Adopts Stick and Carrot Policy Towards China

The Brazilian government plans to publish China’s protocol of admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in one of this week’s editions of the Diário Oficial (Daily Federal Register.)

With this gesture, Brazil officially recognizes China as a WTO member country. This information was passed along Monday, September 19, by the Minister of Agrarian Development, Miguel Rossetto, as he left a meeting of the Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex).

According to Rossetto, it was decided at the meeting that the protocol of admission represents an opening move, prior to the trip that the Minister of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade, Luiz Fernando Furlan, will make to that country on September 29.

Furlan will attempt to negotiate with Chinese exporters to resolve the problem of Chinese imports that harm domestic production, such as in the textile and footwear sectors.

Only if Furlan fails to reach any settlement will the government consider taking countermeasures. Under such circumstances the government could adopt safeguards against the importation of certain Chinese products.

“The preferred option is one of negotiation, but without sacrificing the interests of our economy, especially our industry,” Rossetto underlined. The Minister pointed out that this will be a position assumed by the entire government.

“We have made technical preparations for this whole process, and the option is to strive for Minister Furlan to put together a harmonious deal with China. At the same time, Brazil is preparing itself for the eventuality of adopting safeguards to protect our industry.”

Agência Brasil


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