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Brazil’s Scandal-Plagued House Speaker to Resign Today

Severino Cavalcanti, the president of Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies (equivalent to the Speaker of the House), who is accused of extortion and receiving bribes and kickbacks, should announce his resignation today, reports deputy João Caldas from the Alagoas state PL party.

Acording to Caldas, Cavalcanti is calm, still pondering his decision. Caldas, who visited Cavalcanti at his residence yesterday, added that nothing was said about who the new president of the Chamber could be.

According to the Brazilian legislation the president of the Chamber of Deputies is next in line in the presidential succession after the vice president.

Caldas said that members of the Chamber of Deputies were aware of the importance of the moment and were conscious of the need to protect the institution.

Caldas said that Cavalcanti’s meeting with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva yesterday was cordial. “They discussed the situation as part of a problem within the democratic process,” he said.



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