CIV, a Brazilian Glass Powerhouse

The pots, jars, glasses and bowls made by Brazil’s Companhia Industrial de Vidros (CIV) may already be found on the Arab market. The company has offices in the city of Recife, in the state of Pernambuco, and sells to Morocco and to a distributor in Lebanon who, apart from the Lebanese customers, also supplies to Central Africa, to countries like the Congo, Zambia, Angola, Cameroon, Mozambique and Central African Republic.

According to the company export manager, Martine Balcaen Souto, while the Arab countries represent a small share of CIV foreign sales, she still believes that the region has great import potential.

“We have great growth expectations, mainly due to the good importer acceptance of our products. In 2004 we participated in a fair in Algeria, and were very well accepted,” explained Martine.

CIV started exporting its line of household utensils in 2000. Today the main importers are in Central America, South America and Africa. Exports represent approximately 5% of company revenues, which reached approximately US$ 120 million in 2004.

The company forecast for growth on the foreign market in 2005 is approximately 12% in terms of units sold. “Around 650 containers will be exported up to the end of the year,” stated the manager. Martine believes in the company success abroad due to two factors: “quality and experience in the glass product market since 1958”.


Apart from that, according to Martine, the four company factories are well positioned with regard to logistics, being close to main ports and international supply routes. CIV has production units in the northeastern Brazilian cities of Várzea and Vitória de Santo Antão, in Pernambuco, Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará and Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia.

Nowadays the company, which generates 1,050 direct jobs and 2,500 indirect jobs, has an installed capacity for production of 1,000 tons of glass per day, equivalent to 1.5 billion units a year. The company product mix is composed of glass packages and utilities.

Packages are supplied to various customers in the food, drink and pharmaceutical product sectors. The household utensil line is composed of glasses, jars, plates and pots.

According to the manager, investment is necessary for growth. Up to 2007, CIV should invest around US$ 50 million in infrastructure. The company is also going to invest approximately US$ 2.1 million in marketing up to the end of 2005.

Companhia Industrial de Vidros
Tel: (+55 81) 3272-4484

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