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More Brazilian Industries Join the Ban-Chinese-Goods Bandwagon

The announcement last week by Brazil’s textile industry that it will seek safeguards against Chinese imports has been followed by more announcements from other industrial sectors.

Manufacturers of frames for glasses and hair brushes say they need protection and will file for safeguards this week.

Spokesmen for the frames for glasses industry say Brazilian companies have gone from 100% of the market in 1990, to 7% today.

As for hair brushes, the situation is similar. The number of firms making them has fallen from 20 to 2, and the Chinese have taken over 60% of the market.


In August industrial production rose in 11 out of the 14 areas surveyed by the government statistical bureau (IBGE, Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatí­stica).

The best results were in the states of Amazonas and Bahia, up 10.4%. Goiás had industrial growth of 5%, São Paulo was up 4.8%, Minas Gerais up 4.7% and Pernambuco, 4.4%.

Manufactured goods, especially durable goods, and the export sector, turned in strong performances, which gave the industrial sector a boost.



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    …you just want to export more and more everywhere but do everything to put barriers on your imports. Case in point…..Chinese textile exports to your country. A relatively low percentage compared to your textile industry is imported from China.but you are desesperate !!!!! But you have a huge overall trade surplus with them !!!!!!

    So…stupid question……should China buy more soya from the USA or Argentina anf buy more iron ore from Australia…..instead of from Brazil ??????

    Should China farmers not be as much protected from their government than you do with your textile workers ????

    After all……trade is by definition….bilateral….not unilateral….as you always do with your daily complaints.

    After all… Europe and the USA….are dead right to put tax barriers on your goods…and limit with quotas……your exports to them. This is exactly what you want to do…with China…..whom you recognized last year as a market economy, thereby cannot put trade barriers.

    You cannot be right…in both ways !!!!! sorry !!!!

    So now you want to change the game…..AGAIN !!!!!!
    Come on !!!!!!!!

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