Epidemic of Lolitas in Brazil. Girls as Young as 10 Led into Prostitution.

Brazil campaign against child prostitutionIgarapava, in the interior of the Brazilian southeastern state of São Paulo, is the latest town to be included in a long list of São Paulo municipalities involved in child prostitution.

According to Brazil’s Public Defense Ministry, several girls from Igarapava with ages ranging between 10 and 14 engaged in sex with businessmen from the area.

Ten of these girls presented their testimony and told authorities in detail how they were seduced and then taken to ranches and motels where they had sex  with the cream of the local society.

One of the men, a 27-year-old executive was, caught with two girls, who ended up confessing that each one of them had received 30 reais (US$ 13) to engage in sex with the young man.

It seems that the child sex abuse had been happening at least for a year. The first charges came in to the Tutelar Board, the organ in charge of children’s well being, six months ago.

No investigation was made, however, until recently. The probe only started after more than 40 complaints had already been filed. The investigations started in earnest only after the director of a school became suspicious of the behavior of some of her students who started to come late to school and decided to ask help from the Public Defense department.

District Attorney Antonio Carlos Guimarães, in charge of the case, says that investigations have started to find out who is heading the recruitment of little girls for sex trysts. 

A businessman had his preventive arrest ordered but he continues free, however, since no one can be arrested in Brazil this week unless caught in flagrant delicto due to the proximity of the Sunday referendum, which will decide if weapons can be traded legally in the country. 

Charges of sexual exploitation of children in the interior of São Paulo started several months ago in the city of Porto Ferreira, close to Ribeirão Preto, in the northern region of the state.

Politicians and businessmen were among those charged with child sex abuse. Defendants have already been tried and convicted in this case, but São Paulo’s Supreme Court lowered their terms in prison from 40 years or more to 12 years or less.

Prosecutors are also examining allegations of sexual exploitation of minors in Guaí­ra. In this case, the whole process is being done in camera proceeding and the details of the trial are not being made public. 

Other São Paulo towns where the District Attorney has been investigating charges of sexual exploitation of children include Colina and  Brodovski. 

Eleven minors between the ages of 14 and 16 from the city of Santo Antônio da Alegria have already presented their testimony to the police on how they were seduced and then led to engage in sexual acts.

Santo Antônio da Alegria, in the border of Minas Gerais state is a little town with less than 6000 residents. It’s a kind of place where everybody knows everybody. It seems like everybody knew about the sexual exploitation of their own kids.

Investigations revealed that girls from the rural area as young as 10 and not older than 15 were brought to a bar in the center of the town and there they had sexual encounters with farmers, businessmen and politicians. Each girl was paid 20 reais (US$ 9) for sexual encounter.



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  • economical plaques

    Thats just sad. Instead of playing & studying these children ends up in the street & sell their body. I do wish that someone out there is doing something about this things. It pisses me off to think that some heartless man would even get one of these children..

  • Donald Ponder

    I myself, walking in fortaleza w/ my adult son & a male member of my brasilian daughter-in-law’s family had a girl of 10 riding a bike engage me in conversation,while her even younger brother walked along side.she then propositioned me- at first I thought she was joking but she gave prices- I was shocked by this very friendly,nice young girl-so I talked awhile longer about her life & family,said no to her proposal & she & her brother went pleasantly on their way after saying goodbye!

  • norrisray

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    Brazil is one of the normal of Latinos.

  • essays writer

    Here in Brazil in 2014 held the FIFA World Cup for the country was still rising by a new stage. I will hope.

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  • gracie

    It’s sad to know that our children are protected like this. And these men take advantage of them!

  • HANS

    unwanted children
    I have made many observations while living in Brazil. One thing I have seen is an abundance of young, unwed mothers from broken homes. The massive numbers of illegitimate children in Brazil is staggering. I have no statistical data, but I would venture to say that the young girls born in this environment will be the next generation of prostitutes. Who is to blame: in my opinion they are the men who fail to provide any real moral foundation and simply leave their children to fend for themselves. A great many of these are foreigners but I see far more children, whose parents are both Brazilian, left to learn from the streets. The mothers are often times nothing more than children themselves and the fathers 2 to 3 times the age of the young woman they impregnate.

    The future of any country are its children and it is every man’s responsibility to protect his children, where ever they are, no matter the consequence.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Simone Garcia
    The population should go to the streets to demand a change in the low and real punishment to all people responsable for child sexual explotation. It is discusting and extremely selfish to not try to protect these children. What hell is going on?
    These children could have been you or yours.
    Wake up Brazil! Look after your present and future.

  • Guest

    May God help Brazil
    It seems as so the Brazilian press has not done right by the people of Brazil. It is good that they are bringing out this trgity but who are these Polititians, Buisnessmen and farmers. The only way to stop this behaviour is bring the people into the spotlight so the whole world to see them and not allow this to happen again.

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