Brazilian Congress Wants Access to Corruption-Linked Adman’s Account in the US

Senator DelcÀ­dio Amaral, from the Workers Party of Mato Grosso do Sul state, president of the Joint Parliamentary Investigative Commission (CPMI) on the Post Office, sent a message to the United States ambassador to Brazil, John Danilovich, explaining the need for the CPMI to have access to information about transactions in the foreign bank accounts of adman Duda Mendonça.

"In this surveillance there are various alternatives that could disclose the sources of funds for the activity detected over the course of the months during which the CPMI has been conducting its investigations," Amaral affirmed after a meeting with the US ambassador. Advertising executive Duda Mendonça is suspected of receiving funds from the ex-treasurer of the PT, Delúbio Soares.

In an agreement signed last week with the Ministry of Justice, the New York District Attorney’s office allowed only the ministry and the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to have access to this information.

"The agreement that exists at present is government-to-government. So, without violating the existing agreement, we decided to converse with the US ambassador to convince him that it is important for us to share this information," Amaral explained. The senator said that he is "optimistic" and that the meeting with Danilovich was "productive."

According to Amaral, the ambassador will speak to members of the US Justice Department and help schedule a meeting between them and the legislators.

"Possibly next week, on a date to be determined, we shall travel to Washington to speak with the Justice Department, and we shall also very likely go to New York to speak with the government attorneys in order to obtain information as quickly as possible," the president of the CPMI remarked.

Amaral will be accompanied on the trip by deputy Gustavo Fruet (PSDB, Paraná state) and senator Ideli Salvati (PT, state of Santa Catarina).

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    really ??????????
    from 1996 to 2002, over 100 billions Reais were money laundered outside Brazil, despite the laws of money controls.
    A few money changers got long jail terms…BUT NO OWNERS OF THAT HUGE FORTUNE !!!!!

    Why have you not asked help to the receiving nations to find out the beneficial owners of the money ?????????

    How do you explain that your lawmakers voted on december 18, 2004, not to open an investugation on this matter….when 92 names….all politicians…were named in the report ???????

    That is not democracy ! that is a COVER UP vote… hide the truth and punish no one responsible !!!!

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