Violence-Plagued Brazil Says No to Gun Control in Referendum

Brazilians are voting Sunday on a proposal to ban all gun sales in the country. Polls show the proposal heading for a likely defeat despite gun violence that claims the lives of more than 36,000 Brazilians each year.

Supporters of the ban seemed headed for an easy win until about three weeks ago, when opponents, including weapons-makers, began an aggressive media campaign.

Opponents of the ban say average Brazilians need guns to protect themselves from drug gangs and thieves. Supporters say the ban is needed to bring down the death toll from firearms.

Brazil’s Health Ministry says gun homicides have already fallen eight percent in the past year thanks to a gun-control campaign launched in 2003.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) says Brazil’s murder rate of 21.7 per 100,000 people a year is the second-highest in the world, behind Venezuela’s.



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    Let\’s ban???
    If a government “banning” something will eliminate it, why don’t they “ban” murder? Let’s ban cancer and povertyand old age.

    I want the almighty government to pass a law forbidding inclement weather during my vacation also.

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    Brazil vs. USA on guns
    The 192 million estimate for U.S. firearms is ridiculously low. America’s 20 million licensed hunters own 140 million long guns, and that isn’t counting their handguns or ANY of the firearms owned by the other 277 million Americans. Yet America’s homicide rate is a fraction of Brazil’s.

    By comparison, private guns are BANNED in Mexico, where the homicide rate is FOUR TIMES that of the USA.

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    Quoting from a recent article published in Brazzil Mag, (below) there are over 10 times as many guns in the US as in Brazil, If guns themselves were the problem, then the streets would be running gutter deep in blood in the US, it isn’t.

    The police can’t protect you in Brazil, (even if corruption were not rampant in Law enforce-ment.) anymore than the police can protect us from violence here in the US,

    Law enforcement exists to apprehend and punish lawbreakers, not to protect you every moment of your life.

    Brazilians, now you have retained your right to defend yourselves, buy a gun, LEARN HOW TO USE IT RESPONSIBLY, and protect yourselves from the criminals who will hurt you and steal from you without regard. There is much more honor in dying trying to defend yourself, than to be killed like a cow in the slaughterhose.

    Studies show there are more than 17 million guns in Brazil, about half of them illegal and a quarter of them in the hands of criminals. Americans own an estimated 192 million firearms.

    Mercopress –

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