Only Education Will Give Us the Brazil We’ve Been Waiting for 500 Years, Says Lula

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva discussed Monday,  October 24, in São Paulo, with entrepreneurs how companies can participate in fulfilling the Development Goals of the Millennium, which aim to eliminate global poverty and hunger by 2015.

Lula affirmed once again that the Brazilian economy is "doing well," and he called on the entrepreneurs to invest more on "quality education" in the country.

Lula made these declarations in response to questions from entrepreneurs, after delivering a speech on the theme of "The Social Responsibility of Companies in the Construction of a Better Brazil," at a gathering with business leaders in the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Referring to the results of the most recent surveys conducted by the government’s strategic nucleus with the most varied sectors of society, ranging from rural workers to scientists and entrepreneurs, Lula said that Brazilians nowadays are unanimous about a single point:

"All these segments heard in the survey reached the conclusion that, to construct the Brazil that we have been promising since Cabral first alit on Brazilian soil, we need to invest in quality education," he remarked.



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    …basic education…..
    …wont put you far in world economies.

    Just look at facts :
    The wealthiest countries are those who invested the most in education…high schools and universities but not mandatory…..but first from basic but mandatory schools !!!!!!

    If you stick to basic education….you will remain a developing nation for hundreds more years…as others will continue to also invest heavily in non mandatory education…namely universities, MBA, PhD, etc etc !!!!!!

    Even if everything starts from basic education….quality of education must be there to provide the possibilty to go to the university !!!!!

    The problem in Brazil, as per brazilian and international reports, even the basic education is not up to the quality needed.
    This will be a restriction to go later to universities to those able to eventually be accepted !!!!

    And I have not talked yet of the availabilty of the financing possibilities for students…deciding to continue their non mandatory schoolings !!!!!

    Finally it is strange that it took Brazil politicians so many centuries to have the unanimity…of the obvious things !!!!!!

    No survey was needed !!!!

    Mr Lula is your seriouness on this subject….serious…or simply demagogic words and promises….that you will forget…as you are accustomed to do…with your promises such as corruption, 10 millions jobs creation and 400’000 MST families settlements during your first mandate…which appear one year before the next election…just promises and not facts ??????

    May I remind you that you failed to your promises…in a BOOMING ECONOMY ! So what will your promises be worth…if you are re-elected and that there is just a worlwide slowdown…not even recession ?????

    Will you accuse again developed nations of your own failures and mismanagements…as you do all the time…to hide the truth ????

    Why are you not accountable to your own statements made officially and publicly before and after your elections ????

    Your lies are a tragedy for your citizens !!!!

  • Guest

    …to the first forum member……
    I perfectly understand what you want to say…but you said it not correctly !!!!

    Not later than today…Bush said :

    ” It is not up to the government to create wealth and jobs.
    But it is up to the government to create
    the environment for the entrepreneurs to create wealth and jobs. And those who succeed must repay something back to the society…through taxes !!!!! “

    I am not an American but a European and I truly believe he said it all clearly and correctly !

    Many nations, Brazil included, should use these words for their visions of their future !!!!!!

    cheers !!!!

  • Guest

    … Mr Lula, just read your own reports
    ….that says that even basic education in Brazil….is not up to what it should be and is of bad quality !!!!!!
    ….that of 55 millions youths in mandatory school age, around 15 millions or so are still in schools because they have not sufficient good notation for the next class !!!

    And waiting 500 years…as you said…is just the demonstration of how brazilian governments were/are taking care of their own citizens !!!!!!

    You cannot then accuse, as you do, developed countries….of your own mismangement for the development of your country !!!!!!

  • Guest

    Lula the entrepeneurs social responsibility is to create jobs, pay a fair wage and treat staff with respect.

    Its your job Lula to take the tax you collect from all this and create a great, affordable education systems for this countries uneducated. I dont need surveys to know this!!


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