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Brazil Rebuffs Amnesty and Says It’s on the Right Path

The national secretary of Public Safety in the Ministry of Justice, Luiz Fernando Corrêa, offered a rebuttal, Wednesday, October 26, part of the report issued by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Amnesty International (AI).

The AI report harshly criticizes the federal government’s Public Safety Plan. "Two years later, the reforms planned for the sector have not been implemented in an efficient manner, and little has been done to attempt to reverse the situation," Tim Cahill, the AI researcher responsible for the report, remarked.

Corrêa does not agree that nothing is being done in relation to the plan. "We are certain we are on the right path. Our measures are structural, and, because they are structural, their impact is not immediately felt.

"We are not going to alter our course for emotional reasons, and we shall maintain this technical path and the rigor of the policy for the integration and modification of institutions from the inside out, not by decree," he affirmed.

The secretary said that it is necessary to change the behavior and the culture of institutions. He reports that Brazilian police officers are already being trained with a focus on human rights. One of the points in the AI report criticizes the large number of homicides practiced by the police.

Corrêa says that, for police training, 60 distance education sites have already been installed in the country, and two institutions of higher education have been accredited. The instruction is based on respect for human rights and recognition of and respect for differences in race, color, creed, and gender.

Agência Brasil


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    …every one knows……
    anyway that the report is CORRECT !!!!!

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