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Brazil’s Monuments Tagged with ‘Out, Murderer Bush’

Graffiti in Brazil against American President Bush

Graffiti in Brazil against American President BushTwo monuments of the Brazilian capital BrasÀ­lia, the JK Memorial JK and the Museum of the Indian, were tagged with protests against the visit this weekend of the United States President.

"Fora Bush Assassino" (Out, Murderer Bush) and "Yankees go home" (in English) were some of the messages written by the protesting taggers. Security at the JK Memorial tried to prevent photographers from taking pictures of the graffiti, which have already been erased.

The US President, George W. Bush, arrives today in Argentina to take part in the 4th Americas Summit, that starts Friday, October 4, in Mar Del Plata. Other 33 countries will participate in the encounter, including Brazil, represented by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The meeting will deal with such  themes as the creation of jobs as a way to  fight poverty, workers’ education and the invigoration of democracy.

On Saturday, October 5,  Bush will fly to Brasí­lia, where he will stay through Sunday. His visit to Brazil should unleash protests all over the country.

In Brasí­lia, the Central íšnica dos Trabalhadores (Unified Workers Federation, CUT) has been handing out flyers on the streets to summon the population for a demonstration against the American President.

The national director of the Landless Workers Movement (MST) João Paulo Rodrigues, criticized Bush’s visit and announced that the MST will promote demonstrations in all capital cities of Brazil.



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    Esses idiotas danificam os proprios patrimonios publicos. Mandem esses imbecis lutarem com os insurgentes no Iraque para levar chumbo americano e acabar com esse bando de idiotas. Sao minorias porque? Porque sao imbecis. A maioria sempre ganha.

  • Guest

    Lula is a kiss ass!
    Pres.Lula da Silva will kiss Bush’s ass! Birds of the same feathers, fly together. NO on the FTAA. FTAA will enslave the poor. Free trade is not the best way to lift people around the world out of poverty. According to Bush, WAR is the way. Give Bush the Avian flu and let him eat crazy cow meat. Power to MST, CUT and the poor! U.S. out of South America.

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