Drought-Stricken Brazilian Amazonas Sees Rain Again

Five thousand basic food baskets were sent today to the families affected by the drought in the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas.

This is the second phase of the state emergency plan, which intends to benefit 150,000 families with approximately 2.200 tons of food.

During the first phase, October 14-31, 80,000 families were benefited with 1.6 tons of food, according to the government secretary and plan coordinator, José Melo.

"Our structure allows us to put together 15,000 food baskets per day. Starting this weekend, there will be an Army boat, practically every day, going to the interior of the state." Melo said that the operation will be concluded in 30 days.

"Since it started raining again, population isolation has diminished, but the risk of illnesses caused by dirty waters has increased."

However, according to Melo, there is no need to purchase more medications. He says that they already have enough.

In October, 29 tons of medications were sent to the interior of the state of Amazonas, including the sodium hypochlorite, which is used to treat water.

The government decree that declared disaster areas 61 municipalities of Amazonas, published on October 10th, is valid for a 90-day period.

Agência Brasil


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    What part of Brazil still has rain fores
    Hey, brazilan DUMBOS.

    You really did it. You screwed up Amazon big time. Drought in the Amazon, perhaps we will be looking at monssons right in the Sahara’s nowhere.
    Brazil, the SECOND largest desert- keep tuned for more corruption making this possible. Brought to you by the brazilian politicians and cattle greedy SOB’s.

    This is goood example of what YOU idiots are doing just for being greedy.

    One soccer field burned down a minute. I bet there’s lot of payola to politicians.
    Mensalao, Ethics. hah, Ethics, the wolf judging the wolf.

    That country is a f…g JOKE !!!!!

  • Guest

    strange numbers.
    is it 2200 tons or 2,2 tons ?
    is it 1,6 tons or 1600 tons ???

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