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Brazil Calls for Democracy and Transparency at the Internet’s Top

According to Rogério Santana, the representative of the Ministry of Planning on the team of Brazilian negotiators in Tunisia, the outcome of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was "acceptable to all."

He said that Brazil did not achieve all it desired but will continue to defend proposals for the democratization of the Internet and the formulation of government policies to combat digital exclusion through autonomous technological development.

In Santana’s view, the two main items in which the country wants to advance are enhancing the standards of transparency, democracy, and multilateralism in Internet governance and making the norms on intellectual property more flexible.

"In every negotiation you never get all that you want. In Tunis we didn’t get all that we wanted, nor did the United States. The position ended up being something acceptable to all," he remarks.

Although it didn’t get its way, Brazil would have liked the summit to have determined that the forum be given oversight authority over ICANN, the US non-profit organization that currently administers the Internet, under the supervision of the US government.

Santana also observes that there was progress in the constitution of a solidarity fund to finance the expansion of information and communication technologies in poor countries.

Agência Brasil


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    Sure, there are a lot of hackers all over the world. Changing who runs the internet name servers won’t change that.

    The big question is, do you want your government or the government of another country deciding what you can and cannot see on the internet? The potential for political abuse is very real.

  • Guest

    this is bs

  • Guest

    Not all of the parties want to democrati
    Not all of the parties to these talks want to democratize the internet. Some that want to take control of internet naming are more interested in how they can control it to accomplish their political ends. Currently ICANN (the organization that controls internet names) is not a political body – it is totally neutral, and the internet is working well as result.

  • Guest

    So tell us……
    what you got and what was acceptable to all !!!!
    No a single word or excplanations of what was done. We only know what was NOT done !

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