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Brazil’s Lula Derides Those Who Bash His Lack of Education

At yesterday’s installation of the new president of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), Eduardo Campos, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced that Brazil’s Ministry of Social Development will receive US$ 10.09 billion next year to invest in social policies.

Lula said that the budget was increased because it is a priority area. "In my Administration, social policy became the main course, instead of a mere condiment," he said.

Lula also referred to the positive accomplishments of his government, such as the increase in job creation and exports, and the importance of a trustful relationship between society and government to put together projects that are solid and helpful for the country.

"The president’s term of office has a time to begin and end. Once in a while a joker pops up wanting to interrupt the process, believing that democracy need not be respected.

"The term of office has a beginning, middle, and end, but the relationship of trust between the president and the people can’t be broken; otherwise, we can’t concretize the things that led us to form this alliance," he commented, disparaging politicians who call for the abbreviation of his mandate.

He went on to say: "Just as an important company owner can be president of the country with the respect of Brazilian workers, a worker can be president of the country and be respected by other segments of society.

"Just as an intellectual can be president of the country and democracy demands that all of us respect the individual who was elected, it’s necessary that someone who never attended the university can also be elected," he concluded.

Agência Brasil


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    Education is more than a degree, but
    Though “education” is certainly more than a degree, getting a degree says a lot about your ability to be disciplined and focused. It also says something about you ability to learn and explore. While I think Lula is ok, I wish he had a better formal education. It might serve him well. During the last election, I’ll admit, one of the things that bothered me most about Lula is his lack of formal education.

  • Guest

    From the paragraph:

    “Just as an intellectual can be president of the country and democracy demands that all of us respect the individual who was elected, it’s necessary that someone who never attended the university can also be elected,” he concluded. “

    Just and observation:

    “all of us respect the individual who was elected…”

    Hey Mr PRESIDENT, respect has to be gained and not begged.

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    Robert L Birt
    The culture identification of a leader is more important than fromal education. the President of Brazil is from the warrior culture and i am encouraged by his leadership .

    One of the behaviors that identify the warrior is family and group loyalty.
    It is the family of Brazil that the leader has to grow. Works that gorw the survival needs of the citizens contribute to improving the nation for the masses.The last American president that was not a college graduate was Harry Truman. Truman was noted for his warrior like behavior in ending seperate Black military units,his “buck stops here” management style, and improved job opportunities for the masses.Physical and moral strength are part of the behavior values of the warrior culture

    Just a comment on intellictual leaders. Intellictuals include lawyers,relegous leaders and teachers. This group has behavor problem of manupilaitng the masses. At this time 2005 in America our problem is a sorrry collection of intellicutals useing our warrior culture to acomplish imperial attacks aginst others.

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    what is the increse in % ?
    And why is this number in US$ and not in Reais ?
    Because it would be too easy to give numbers in US$ when the Reais is gaining value and giving the numbers in Reais when the the US$ is gaining value.

    Simple trick from politicians. There will be an increase in only one way not both.. Politicians choose the way as it arranges them. Obviously the way where there is an increase !!!!!!!

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