Brazil Adopts Convention Against Corruption, But Needs to Change Laws

The United Nations (UN) Convention Against Corruption enters into force on December 14th and Brazil will have to adequate its legislation.

According to the representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for Brazil and the Southern Cone, Giovanni Quaglia, all countries will have cooperation instruments on the subject starting on that date.

Quaglia said that early conventions had more regional characteristics, while this one allows for the collaboration among countries of all continents.

"This is the first world convention on the subject. It will facilitate the combat against the organized crime and international frauds, as well as cooperate with speeding up investigations."

According to Quaglia, for the Convention’s entry into force, the signature of 30 countries was needed. Brazil confirmed its adhesion in June, during the 4th International Forum on Corruption, which occurred in Brasí­lia, the Brazilian capital.

Giovanni Quaglia said that this Convention emphasizes corruption prevention measures and, in addition to punishing criminals, it also establishes mechanisms for recovering the money.

He says that in order for the subject to advance, the adaptation of the Brazilian law must be included next year in the National Congress agenda.

Agência Brasil



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