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Brazil’s Domestic Tourism Campaign Pays Off: Flying Grows 16% in 2005

In November the number of Brazilians who traveled on domestic flights rose 21.1% in comparison with November of last year. 2.8 million people traveled by plane in Brazil in that period.

The number of available places on domestic flights also increased, from 3.3 million to 4.1 million. These figures from Brazil’s Department of Civil Aviation (DAC), were released on Wednesday, December 7, by the National Union of Airline Companies (SNEA).

Domestic seat capacity use was practically stable in November, 69%, compared with 70% in November of last year.

In 2003 the Infraero – the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company – started a program for the expansion and modernization of the 66 airports that it administers in the country. The major factors behind this move are the need to increase domestic tourism and the need to move more freight.

According to DAC data, Brazil’s chief airports received 82 million passengers, 11 million more than in 2004, constituting a 16.17% increase in domestic departures and arrivals. The biggest increase occurred in the number of domestic departures and arrivals, 71 million, the same as in 2003.

The number of international passengers rose from 9.9 million in 2003 to 11.2 million in 2004. The quantity of freight transportation, according to the DAC, " rose 30%, to 1.3 million tons, and in the first two months of this year, it was up 27.6%."

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    I doubt that, as written in the article, The number of available places on domestic flights also increased, from 3.3 million to 4.1 million.
    Definition of “places” is erroneous, by simple maths..

  • Guest

    strange numbers !
    with a total of 82 millions passengers, minus 11 millions of foreigners, equals 71 millions.
    71 millions divided by 12 equals and average of 5.91 millions domestic passengers per month.
    With 2.8 millions domestic passengers in November, knowing this month is not the lowest in the calendar year, total numbers mentioned in this article dont add up, as usual in brazilian statistics.


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