Brazil Gets US$ 3 Million from UN to Fight Corruption

A series of measures to combat corruption has been announced by the head of the Brazilian government’s Anti-Corruption Office (Controladoria Geral da União) (CGU), Minister Waldir Pires.

In a partnership with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Brazil and the Southern Cone area, the CGU will have US$ 3 million for modernizing and strengthening its operations.

According to the representative of the UN office, Giovanni Quaglia, the partnership will bolster the CGU, making it the center of anti-corruption combat, as well as permitting it to train other government agencies, offices and ministries to crack down on malfeasance wherever it occurs.

The announcement of the partnership is part of commemorations of International Day Against Corruption, which is today.

The CGU also reports that it now has a page on the Internet with updated information on its own expenditures, budgets, procurement processes, contracts and travel expenses by civil servants.

According to a presidential decree, by the end of next year all the country’s ministries must also present such information on the Internet in a timely fashion.



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    What a joke!
    Shouldn´t this read………”Brazil gets US$3m to contribute to corruption”..
    I mean, like that money will really be accounted for…NOT! Someone will have a nice Christmas! An absolute farce, obviously somebody in the UN is on the Brazilian payroll too.

  • Guest

    Whoaaaa !
    does Brazil really needs US$ 3 millions help from the UN to fight corruption ?

    True joke from the UN to make such an gift. Money would have been more wisely spent to fight hunger, poverty or whatever social program.

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