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Brazil Gets Promise That Chinese Will Limit Textile Exports

Brazil’s minister of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade, Luiz Fernando Furlan, confirmed today that there has been progress in the textile accord between Brazil and China. According to Furlan, the Chinese agreed to limit part of their textile exports to Brazil until 2008.

The political settlement was reached alongside the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) 6th Ministerial Meeting, which began Tuesday, December 13, and ends on Sunday, December 18, in Hong Kong, China. The presence of representatives from 149 countries has enabled Furlan to hold bilateral meetings.

Regarding a Chinese self-imposed limitation on textile exports to Brazil, the Minister affirmed that all that is missing is a legal examination of the accord by the Chinese. He said that the Chinese wanted a pledge from Brazil not to resort to safeguard mechanisms against other Chinese products.

The proposal was rejected, but Furlan guaranteed that Brazil will make every possible effort, via bilateral channels, before applying protectionist measures in other sectors.

According to Furlan, the Brazilian offer was accepted as the "basis" for an accord, but the matter will be discussed further at a meeting scheduled for January in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

The safeguards would cover synthetic fabrics, textured polyester threads, silks, velvets, sweaters and pullovers, embroidery, and knitwear shirts.

Agência Brasil


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    Chinese promises !
    Chinese promises are just as good as Lula promises : they are rarely implemented.

  • Guest

    Negotiating with Chinese !
    Dont take it for granted.

    Chinese are far smarter and trickier than what you think !

    Furlan desires are only wishes, so far, not facts.

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