Brazil’s Petrobras Uses US$ 50 Billion in Plan Well Beyond Self Sufficiency in Oil

When it starts up operations in January, 2006, the P-50 platform vessel will be Brazilian Petrobras’ largest production unit, churning out 180 thousand barrels of oil daily in Brazil.

Besides producing petroleum, the P-50, which is a floating production, storage, and offloading unit (FPSO), built at the cost of US$ 634 million (1.3 billion reais), will also be capable of compressing 6 million cubic meters of natural gas and of storing up to 1.6 million barrels of oil.

However, in order for its plan of sustained self-sufficiency in petroleum production to become a reality, state-owned Petrobras is also counting on three other production units to come on line next year.

They are the P-54, with a 60 thousand barrel daily output, in the Jubarte Field, in the Campos Basin (off the Rio de Janeiro coast); the SSP-300, with a 20 thousand barrel daily output, in the Piranema Field, in the state of Sergipe in the Brazilian Northeast; and the Golfinho Phase One unit, with a 100 thousand barrel daily output, in the Golfinho Field, in the Espí­rito Santo Basin.

Petrobras’ has its sights set even higher, going well beyond the goal of self-sufficiency: The company hopes to attain a daily production average of 2.3 million barrels by 2010.

To achieve this target, the company has 36 major projects in the pipeline for execution between now and the end of the decade.

These projects involve investments surpassing US$ 50 billion and will permit the start-up of platforms P-51, P-52, P-53, P-54, and P-55, each with an average daily production of 180 thousand barrels of petroleum.

Agência Brasil


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    Well, wellll !
    I doubt that brazilian oil platforms have been offered FREE to poor countries…as your comments may suggest !
    From what I know, US companies are building far more oil platform that Brazil builds. And they are used worldwide. Petrobras doesnt offer cheaper deals to poors countries than Exxon or any other US companies, from what I know !

    If the USA should build more oilplatforms, and this is what they do if you read newspapers, Brazil should also listen to the world, namely :
    stop heavy corruption, invest far more in basic education, health, sanitation, reduce crime rates, insecurity and wealth inequality.

    Ohhh by the way, reducing bureaucracy, red tape, will also eventually eliminate what you call yourself in Brazil “Custo Brazil” !!!!!!

    Finally with the lessons you want to give to the USA, can you explain why your gasoline price is way more expensive than in the USA ??? Because from what the brazilian statistics show, the taxes dont go to build infrastructure or benefit the poors.

    Also having a selic rate of 12 % ABOVE inflation is making you the world’s champions.

    The question then should be : should the world listen to Brazil or should Brazil copy the world ?

    A bad student will never be a good teacher !
    Brazil has simply one of the world smallest GDP growth of all the developing countries during the last three years, since Lula is in charge. Namely 0.5 % in 2003, 4.9 % in 2004 and around 2.5 % in 2005, but you want to give lessons to people who are doing far better than you do..

    The country wealth disappeared in a few brazilian hands.
    The same is in agriculture. You proclaim to be the world’s garden, you export quite a lot BUT you still have hunger and millions and millions of under nourrished citizens. That is Brazil !!! Full of contradictions.

    And as curious as it is, despite your spending austerity, your government, good as they are, have increased the total debt of the government from 784 billions Reais to 959 billions in the twelve months to November 2005.
    Truly an achievement to increase debts at a 20 % or so growth rate, in time of spending austerity, and with only a meager 2.5 % GDP growth for 2005 ! Another gold medal that should be in the Guiness book of records !!!!

    Simply stated, your actual government is a pure joke and a total failure for your society ! You deserve much much better !

  • Guest

    It’s been a hard effort for Brazil to get closer to authonomy in energy. Our economy was too fragile to support the speculative movements on oil prices on the international market since mid seventies. The ones who know Brazilian history remember that the economy was almost lead to default because of international oil prices. So the country had to create eficient althernatives and I think that all the countries in the third world should do the same and reduce their dependencie on petroleun by developing the ethanol fuel. Even United States should increase their production and mix ethanol to gas just like Brazil does. The Brazilian technology is available and has been offered to poor countries. USA should do the same and give incentives to Third Workd countries to develop anthernative fuel industry in their countries. It’s important for the world the existence of an alternative market of fuel besides petroleum. Brazil gives the example and offer it’s technology and sucessfull experience to the world!

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