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Brazil Won’t End Child Labor Before 2017

Brazil’s Ministry of Social Development and Hunger Alleviation intends to integrate, in 2006, the Program for the Eradication of Child Labor (PETI) and the Family Grant Program (Bolsa FamÀ­lia).

The Director of the PETI’s Department of Special Protection, Rita Marchiori, said that the objective is to "work with the poorest families and try to make small improvements to their financial condition."

The goal, according to Marchiori, is to benefit 3 million children, 5-9 years old. She evaluates that the country took a while to get concerned with the issue of child labor, which occurred in 1988, when a chapter focusing on social policies was included in the Constitution. But that, since then, things are happening fast, as all programs have already been implemented.

Rita Marchiori said that it is necessary to improve education programs for children this age, because it is with this age that they actually start working.

She emphasized that the effort to achieve the International Labor Organization goal, i.e., to eradicate child labor by 2015, must be undertaken not only by the federal government, but also by states and municipalities. Reason why she believes the tendency is to extend the deadline till 2017.



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    Well, wellllll !!!!!
    An article just above this one says that it wont be before 2022, not 2017 !!!!!!!!

    Numbers are never coordinated in the Lula government.

    And the poorest Brazilians dont need SMALL improvements in their financial conditions as your stupid Rita Marchiori is saying.
    They need BIG improvements over time.

    With such government official statement, everybody can see how much they care for the most needy Brazilians.
    The poorest brazilians representing tens of millions of citizens are not in the government priorities but on the queue.

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