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Brazil Is Voting for President, Governors and Congress This Year

2006 is being ushered in with the prospect of this year’s elections for president, governors, federal deputies, 27 senators, and state deputies. Over 120 million voters are expected to cast their ballots on October 1st.

If there is a need for run-off elections in the presidential and gubernatorial contests, the date has been set for October 29. Today, the first day that counts in the 2006 electoral calendar, the requirement that public opinion polls be registered with the Federal Election Board (TSE) goes into effect.

29 parties signed up with the TSE to dispute the elections. The last two parties to enroll were the Municipal Renovation Party (PMR) and the Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL). October 1, 2005 was the deadline for registering parties and the party affiliation of prospective candidates.

The number of candidates will be smaller this year than in 2002, because only one third of the seats in the Senate will be at stake. Voters will be limited to one choice for senator on their ballots.

There will also be elections for 27 governors, 513 federal deputies, and 1059 state and (in the case of the Federal District) district deputies.

The exact total of voters currently stands at 123,247 and may still grow, since one can register to vote until May 3, which is also the deadline for people to change their address on the voting rolls.

The parties are authorized to hold conventions – where they will choose their candidates for president and vice-president, governor and vice-governor, senator and alternates, and federal, state, and district deputies – beginning June 10.

The candidates must be defined by June 30, the deadline for submitting the names and party coalitions.

Agência Brasil


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    the first money negotiations….
    …are therefore open to start to form political alliances.

    Now the auction price will go up, up and up !

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