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Fueled by Alcohol Brazil’s Sugar Cane Crop Breaks Record

The area in which sugar cane is cultivated in Brazil increased from 5.625 million hectares in the 2004-2005 crop year to 5.877 million hectares in the 2005-2006 crop year, continuing a trend that has been established over the past ten years.

During this period the cultivated area grew 28.9%, while production expanded 43.8%.

According to the president of the National Supply Company (CONAB), Jacinto Ferreira, the growth in demand for fuel alcohol, reflecting growing domestic production of flex-fuel vehicles and growing alcohol exports, was what drove the production increase.

When the two most recent crop years are compared, alcohol production rose 11.8%, while sugar production was up only 0.3%. According to Ferreira, the tendency is for the cultivated area to expand even more, since "producers are wired to the needs of the market."

Data released today by the CONAB indicate that domestic sugar cane production attained a record-breaking 436.8 million tons in the 2005-2006 crop year, 5.1% more than in the previous crop year

Of the total volume harvested, 394.4 million tons were destined for the sugar and alcohol industry: 216 million tons for sugar-manufacturing and 178.4 million tons for the production of anhydrous (used to mix with gasoline), hydrous, and common alcohol.

The rest, 42.4 million tons, was used to manufacture sugar cane liquor ("cachaça"), brown sugar cane cake ("rapadura"), brown sugar, and animal feed, as well as to furnish seeds for future crops.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    Brazil can take down corruption and rule
    If only we had a tax system on food that is simular to the united states without different percentage varialbes on the goods, get the those kids who eat and sleep soccer to get in to technology and computers. Get these leaders to steal alittle less money from the system and start acting like adults and start sending more bibles to america.

  • Guest

    Less than 3%
    The subsidies to the alcohol/sugar industry is in a debts reduction programme.
    With this, Brazil is 2nd only to NZ.

  • Guest

    Cheers euro trash
    European subsidies atre some of the worst in the world.

    Europe is full of old mentality ideas, beauroucracy, corruption and prejidous. No change in the last 800 years and for the forseable future.

    Formerly from there.

  • Guest

    But the European sugar industry….
    ….cannot grow, because of Brazil perpetual complaints at the WTO on the European subsidies.

    But of course you completely agree with the Brazilian subsidies for the sugar industry by the BNDES.

    What you do is right, but when others do the same, they are wrong.

    Facts are facts, effectively !

    Another fact is that a BOOM and BUST economy, Brazil will remain.

    No change in the last 200 years and for the forseable future.


  • Guest

    boring man
    You are now even more boring than before! In fact your boringness has increased by 2.8% since last time I read one of your posts!!!!
    At the end of the day, the European sugar industry is a joke and Brazil’s keeps growing – it may not be exceptional but its a fact.

  • Guest

    therefore the growth of the last decade

    …..was 2.5 % compounded annually for the planting area ! Nothing exceptional !

    And the productivity grew by 1.1 % annually ! (2.5 % planting area + 1.1 % productivity multiplied by 10 years compounded = 42.5 %
    Nothing exceptional either !.


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