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Brazil’s Lula Urges Congress to Approve Small Business Project

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, speaking to the nation during his weekly radio program, said it was necessary for Congress to approve a government project for small businesses.

"The small business sector accounts for 60% of all the jobs created in the country. This bill will make it easier for small businesses to operate and create more jobs, that is why it is so important," said the president. "The bill will ensure more jobs, more income, more consumption and more economic growth."

Lula went on to explain that the small business projects (lei geral da pequena empresa and pre-empresa), the Fundeb education bill, and the budget will dovetail to give Brazil’s development an enormous boost over the next few years.

The president also said that more small businesses will mean more exports, and a bigger trade surplus, as well.

"I hope Congress will realized that even though this is an election year, the project is very important for the Brazilian people and approve it," said the President.

Agência Brasil


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    …by the government of course !

    But is Lula not against subsidies when they are done in developed countries ?

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