Brazilian Congressman Calls for Withdrawal of Troops from Haiti

Brazil’s House Representative Orlando Fantazzini  suggested the withdrawal of Brazilian soldiers from Haiti. Fantazzini belongs to the opposition Socialism and Liberty Party  (PSOL) and is a member of the Commission of Foreign Relations of the Chamber of Deputies.

Last Saturday, January 7, the commander of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), Brazilian General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar, was found dead with a gunshot wound, in the hotel he lived, in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital.

The Deputy believes Brazil should not keep playing this "stressful role" without counting with the financial support of the remaining countries that integrate the peace force.

According to him, when Brazil agreed on heading the mission, there was a pact among these countries that they would contribute financially with Haiti’s recovery, but they did not keep the promise.

Fantazzini said that this investment would be important not only for enabling security measures, but also for restructuring the country.

"Haiti’s insecurity is caused by the lack of public policies in the social area, as well as adequate family and people care."

The deputy recalled that Brazil and other countries have already put some pressure on the money commitment issue. Fantazzini says that the situation tends to get worse if investments in the economic and social recuperation of the country are not made.

Agência Brasil



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