Brazil Threatens Severe Punishment to Anyone Growing GM Corn

The prodution of genetically modified (GM) corn (milho transgênico – transgenic corn) is strictly prohibited in Brazil. Farms will be inspected and anyone growing it will be severely punished, says Francisco Signor, a Ministry of Agriculture delegate in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost Brazilian state.

Last week, Signor and other officials from the ministry met with local farmers to make them aware of the problems that will occur if GM corn is grown.

There will be economic losses, along with a loss of credibility in the marketplace, the authorities told the farmers.

According to Signor, the only state in Brazil where there are reports of GM corn is Rio Grande do Sul. It seems seeds are being smuggled in from Argentina.



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    Severe punishment ?
    ..only on paper, as usual ! Money will change hands again, to gain impunity.

    Although this time it is on GM corn seeds, not later than until 2004, GM soya seeds were also illegal.
    This did not stop your farmers to smuggle and grow illegally this GM seed.
    In fact so much was planted and harvested, while being illegal, that it represented the majority of soya grown in the south of Brazil.
    So much was planted and harvested that your lawmakers, so slow as usual, but on purpose, could later on only legalize the GM soya seeds.

    And until its legalization how many people have been severly fined and punished ?

    Simple demonstration that in Brazil, once more, laws are not supposed to be followed or applied.
    In Brazil laws are just…on paper, the same as the laws against anyone found guilty of corruption and/or vote buying.

    Injustice, non governance, no rule of law, impunity, corruption, insecurity, is in your daily life.


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