The Message Is Out: In Brazil, Sex Tourism Is a Crime

The non-governmental organization (NGO) "World Vision" launched, this week, a campaign with the objective of combating sexual tourism in Brazil and around the world.

The measure is supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism and by the National Secretariat of Human Rights. The campaign is also taking place in Thailand, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Ronaldo Martins, the NGO’s director of institutional relations, says that the campaign intends to inform tourists that sexual tourism is a crime. According to Martins, many foreign visitors commit the crime because they believe they won’t be punished.

"We have noticed that the behavior of tourists that have this intention is based on some factors. They think that in countries like ours, the legislation is lighter than in their countries, which is not true."

According to the director, signs, folders, and posters are being placed in main tourist spots and airports of the cities of Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife, Manaus, and Belém.

"Messages are mostly in English, since the objective is to reach foreign tourists."

The coordinator of the program "Sustainable & Child Tourism", of the Ministry of Tourism, Sidney Alves Costa, says they are investing on capacitating hotels with the objective of diminishing the number of children and adolescents in prostitution.

"We are working on training the whole tourism productive chain, coaching them on how to proceed when they either suspect, or are sure, of the occurrence of cases of sexual exploitation," he said.

The World Vision coordinator emphasizes that in order to effectively combat sexual tourism, population awareness is a very important issue.

Agência Brasil


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  • anon

    Previous poster.
    You seem to be missing the point most of the posters are making, which is this:


    There is a LEGAL market for prostitution in Brazil. The women are over 18.

    What the previous posters (for the most part) are saying is don’t call all Sex Tourists child molesters. (which is what the original article is implying.) That would be like trying to call all Catholic priests child molesters, just because of a few high profile cases.

    Why don’t you read the posts before ranting about child molesters, that isn’t what they are talking about.

    Personally, I love going to Brazil for the beautiful WOMEN, I have no interest in little girls, sorry…

  • Brazilian woman

    I read all the comments earlier and it really upset me to see all of these people getting mad at Brazil for punishing perverts and pedophiles for getting out of their countries to support such a nasty crime. Yes, brazilians take advantage of children, but that does not make it ok for foreigners to do it too. Unfortunately, Brazil is a country with a lot of problems and one of them is corruption and lack of jail space for all the criminals, but fortunately the US is helping developing countries on the fight against prostitution specially child sex tourism and exploitation.
    I dont care what you people say, but underage prostitution is really sad and it cannot be controlled unless all prostitution is banned. Imagine if it was your child!!! or your sister!!!
    There are a lot of young girls in need in Brazil and other countries and cannot find a better way to make money to help their families, but that does not justify middle aged men going there and ‘helping’ them by having paid sex with them.
    I was really disturbed and sad to think that instead of applauding Brazil for taking such a measure, you nasty men (I assume you’re all males, I cant think of a female being for child prostitution…) are against it…
    so are you thinking of going to developing countries in search of young pussy??? cant you find a woman your age here? do you have to pay for sex? are you that ugly or incompetent? you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!
    It’s people like you that makes the world disgusting as it is…
    fortunately there’s good and ethical people in America who believes predators should pay for their crimes. just to inform you predators:
    What Is Child Sex Tourism?

    Each year, over a million children are exploited in the global commercial sex trade. Child sex tourism (CST) involves people who travel from their own country to another and engage in commercial sex acts with children. CST is a shameful assault on the dignity of children and a form of violent child abuse and violence. The commercial sexual exploitation of children has devastating consequences for these minors, which may include long-lasting physical and psychological trauma, disease (including HIV/AIDS), drug addiction, unwanted pregnancy, malnutrition, social ostracism, and possibly death.

    Tourists engaging in CST often travel to developing countries looking for anonymity and the availability of children in prostitution. The crime is typically fueled byweak law enforcement, corruption, the Internet, ease of travel, and poverty. These sexual offenders come from all socio-economic backgrounds and may hold positions of trust. Previous cases of child sex tourism involving U.S. citizens have included a pediatrician, a retired Army sergeant, a dentist and a university professor. Child pornography is frequently involved in these cases; and drugs may also be used to solicit or control the minors.

    A Global Response

    Over the last five years, there has been an increase in the prosecution of child sex tourism offenses. At least 32 countries have extraterritorial laws that allow the prosecution of their citizens for CST crimes committed abroad.

    What the United States Is Doing

    In 2003, the United States strengthened its ability to fight child sex tourism by passing the Prosecutorial Remedies and other Tools to end the Exploitation of Children Today (PROTECT) Act and the Trafficking Victimˢ۪s Protection Reauthorization Act. These laws increase penalties to a maximum of 30 years in prison for engaging in CST.

    If you nasty men insist in molesting children I hope you DIE!!!!

  • Guest

    Self and any kind of prostituition is absolutelly illegal in the whole brazilian territory ! Please get informed your assholes…

  • Guest

    massive problem..
    as recently as 4 months ago the U.S. gov’t. offered to GIVE brazil millions of dollars to combat AIDS under ONE condition, they outlaw prostitution. Of course Lula balked at this and told the U.S. they could keep their money. He knows, as well as most, what the consequences of outlawing prostitution would do here. Besides having to build a jail the size of Rio de Janeiro to house them all, and the addition of thousands of police officers to process them all, they would lose millions of tourists per year that come here. Not saying the main reason for many that come here is to stay with brazilian prostitutes, but it is certainly ONE of the reasons. If Brazil outlawed prostitution, the masses of Italians you currently see in Salvador would diminish drastically, as that is in their top 2 of priorities!!

    As long as prostitution is legal, no tourist will ever be convicted of having sex with a prostitute of legal age.

  • Guest

    This is great news!
    We can use some nice shaved opie asses here in the pennitentiary to refresh our pool of converted gaymen.

    Come on down, american bitches.

  • Guest

    Actually, the laws are quite clear and they are GENERALLY followed. Self-prostituion is legal: pimping isn’t. Production of pornography is legal, as long as one has a liscence.

    The current crusade against prostituion is trying to UNDERMINE the Brazilian constitution by using peoples’ ignorance – especially gringos’ ignorance – about Brazilian laws and how they work.

  • Guest

    Brazil, so much against pornography.
    Everyone could go the free site :

    Everyday you have short sexual videos.
    No problem.
    But every day you have short videos ionvolving sex with animals !!!!!.
    The problem is that 90 % of the girls having sex with animals are BRAZILIANS in Brazil.

    Its is a free site, with daily new short videos. Everyone can look at it. Even the brazilian justice and/or government.

    My question is : what have they done against it, if they are really against pornography and/or against youths prostitution, forced or not forced ?????????????


    In Brazil, laws are on paper ONLY.

  • Guest

    Dead right !
    …but then, as it is a law, why is a law not clearly spellt ????

    Same for corruption and vote buying. Only a few guilty are punished despite that hundreds have been found as much guilty or even much more.

    And as in Brazil, judges are legally and officially free to make their own interpretation of the law, we know what could happen !

    Dont forget that in Brazil there is no rule of law. Laws are not for everyone. It all depends in which slice/rank of the society you belong to.

  • Guest

    First of all, both the author of this article and World Vision are intentionally misleading readers.

    There is no global definition of “sex tourism”. IUn Brazil, it is defined as sexual acts, by a tourist, which violate Brazil’s sex laws. This means: production of unliscenced pornography, pandering, sex with a minor, recruiting people for prostituion or attempting to get a Brazilian citizen to go overseas and prostitue themselves.

    WHAT IT DOES NOT INCLUDE IS CONSENSUAL SEX WITH AN ADULT PROSTITUTE. Self-prostitution by adults is legal in Brazil.

    Now, 99% of what “World Vision” and certain authoritarian a$$holes in the Brazilian government CALL “sexual tourism” involves completely legal, above the board self-prostituion by adult men and women. In Copacabana, arguably Brazil’s largest sexual tourism scene, you’ll be hard-pressed, even during the high season, to find more than 2% underaged prostitutes. In the recent Princess I, II, and II blitzes, the carioca police stopped thousands of girls and their clients and found only a handful of underaged prostitutes – none of which, it should be mentioned, were working with foreign clients.

    All “World Vision” is doing is exploiting a social panic which has been fueled by sensationalist media stories. Ask CECRIA, the instituion which studied “sexual tourism” for the federal government for years. Ask ABRAPIA, the organization which ran the Federal Government’s “sexual tourism” denunciation hotline. Both organizations will tell you the same thing: 99%+ of all people violating Brazil’s sex laws ARE BRAZILIANS, not foreigners.

    When the government starts finally closing down the backlands truckstops where 13 year old girls give out blow jobs for 5 reais a crack, then I’ll believe that people are serious about this sort of thing. Otherwise, it’s simply political bullshit which makes international ONGs and the Brazilian Federal Government look like they’re doing good when in fact they are doing nothing at f$%cking all.

  • Guest

    brazilians are jealous of americans, I go to brazil alot. any time they can fuck over us they do. Its time to fight back.

  • Guest

    sex tourism ?
    – making believe that tourists are only looking for sex with minors is dead wrong and insulting.After all Brazil is known to world’s ranking by International agencies to be very bad in the cases of children abuses and prostitution. DONE BY BRAZILIANS.

    – Brazil legalized adult prostitution. Why is it then a crime when foreigners use the “services” of a prostitute and completely legal when brazilian use the same services ?

    – Why can adult prostitutes not choose their clients ?

    Those who should be punished are the brazilians who provide children for prostitution to Brazilians AND foreigners.
    Also Brazilians AND foreigners going with children for sex should be punished too.
    Forced prositution also should be punished, but that would by definition implies BRAZILIANS, not necessarily foreigners as clients.

    But if Brazilians can go with an adult prostitute, as it is LEGAL, why cant a foreigner do the same ?

    Just bullshit this World Vision. Now they want to have racism and segregation.

    Just like in South Africa until 2 decades ago !
    Whites could do this and not the Blacks.
    Blacks could not go in Whites restaurants and
    Whites public transportation.

    Brazil now says, Brazilians can go with the prostitute of their choices, if adult, but not tourists.

    Stupid question : what about a foreigner residing legally in Brazil ?
    Will he be considered as tourist or brazilian who could go with a prostitute ?

    Non sense prevails, injustice prevails too in Brazil.

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