Brazil Vows That 400,000 Landless Will Have Their Farm by Year’s End

Spokesmen for the Brazilian government say that by the end of 2006 they intend to make an additional 155,000 families land owners, bringing the total number of families settled on their own farms through the Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Land Reform Plan (Programa Nacional de Reforma Agrária) to 400,000 families in four years.

According to minister of Agrarian Development, Miguel Rossetto, last year he had a record budget of over US$ 1 billion (2.3 billion reais).

Out of that total, US$ 574 million (1.3 billion reais) was used for the acquisition of land. That allowed the Land Reform Institute (Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária) (Incra) to make 127,500 families new land owners in 2005.

Rossetto also declared that this year the government will continue its revamping of Incra, making it more efficient and responsive. Last year Incra acquired 3,000 computers. It also received 300 GPS instruments to aid it in demarcating land.

The Minister concluded by saying that the government is also getting more technical assistance to families that have been settled. Last year, according to the government, 450,000 families got information on crops and animal husbandry.

The Ministry opened up 10,000 kilometers of roads benefiting 191,000 families, put 74,000 people in educational programs and made it possible for another 91,000 families to obtain credit for homebuilding.

Agência Brasil


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    10\’000 kms of new roads in 2005 alone
    Well, more than curious, to be polite.

    It looks like that Brazil has a total of 28000 kms of paved and unpaved roads. By definition, these roads were built during several decades for your population of 185 millions.

    So, doubtful is the number of 10’000 kms of roads, even if unpaved, built in ONE year benefitting ONLY 191’000 families.

    On purpose, error looks more than big but HUGE.

    Something is DEAD WRONG !!!!
    Unless it was not roads, but just small ways, 50 cm wide !

    Rossetto is accustomed to provide such ridiculous statistics, after having drunked too many cachaˤas or sniffed his sockets !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    the MST contested your numbers !
    They already did so in early December.
    Rossetto said government numbers are undisputable.
    Same day, INCRA said they will publish by the end of January the list of all the names who have been settled during 2005..

    We are close to the end of the month.

    Will this list be published AS PROMISED AND ON TIME or will it be delayed by several months, because wrong and….the elections ? smile….-;-))))

    The MST said they wish that the list be audited by an OBJECTIVE THIRD PARTY.

    We will then see how deep Rossetto is lying or not.

    INCRA has to deliver what they promised. Right ?


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