100 Killed a Day: Driving in Brazil is Seven Times Deadlier that in the US

Vehicle traffic in Brazil is seven times more lethal than it is in the United States. Every year 35,000 Brazilians die on the country’s highways and 500,000 are injured in traffic accidents.

Twenty percent (100,000) of the people injured have permanent injuries. Every day in Brazil, 100 people die in traffic accidents.

According to David Duarte, an expert on vehicles accidents, a doctor and a professor at the University of Brasí­lia, highway accidents cost Brazil around R$30 billion annually – in personal medical expenses, lost work hours and material damage.

Duarte says there are three reasons for the high accident rate in Brazil: bad drivers (They drive irresponsibly, take unnecessary risks and endanger others), bad roads (The government does not repair roads regularly) and bad vehicles (Proper vehicle maintenance seems to be something most people are not aware of. They drive without brakes, for example).

Duarte says the solution is education, not punishment. "In Brazil it is often the case that a person is punished before he has been made aware of a norm. That is no good," he declared.

In 1997 Brazil got a modern traffic code that caused a drop of around 15% in highway accidents and deaths.



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    James Smith, Joˣo Pessoa
    Only 100 people a day? Not bad at all when you consider the irresponsible manner in which Brasilians drive. Turning left from the right hand lane in front of others, speeding, bad roads, a total lack of maintenance of anything, much less cars. Maybe someone should investigate why it’s only 100 people a day. Other countries might benefit from the knowledge.

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    To the above poster, it’s a little more complicated than that. If there were easy , cheap solutions they’d probably all be in place. All I can say, if I may borrow a phrase from the authors of Culture Counts, is:
    Yes, culture most definitely counts.

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    Bla bla bla…

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    But despite a 15 % drop
    … Driving in Brazil is STILL Seven Times Deadlier that in the US.

    Is this not another world record or close to it, that Brazil has ?

    Without punishments, who cares ?
    – Just as the politicians with their corruption.
    – No landowners going to jail for killings of innocents.
    – No policemen going to jail for the yearly killings of hundreds of innocents citizens, and even children.
    – No one punished for tax evasion, except a small bribe to be given to the tax auditors.

    I am pretty sure that if one give ethic to politicians, policemen, large landowners, the government, and tax payers, NOTHING WILL CHANGE ANYWAY !

    So why an education to drivers would have more results, as long as their is no punishment ?

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