Stones Hope to Make History Rocking Free in Brazil for 2 Million

Screams and cheers greeted the Rolling Stones as they pulled up to their beach-front hotel Friday, February 17, in Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil. in a huge police motorcade.

Die-hard fans were already staking out spots before an enormous stage on Copacabana Beach, where up to 2 million people are expected to attend the band’s free concert Saturday night, February 18.

"We’ve been camped out here since 5:00 a.m. Thursday and we’re only leaving to take baths in the ocean," said Rodrigo Barduco, a 23-year-old student from São Paulo, 250 miles south of Rio.

A week before Carnaval festivities hit full-swing, the concert was already drawing tourists and Brazilians to Rio de Janeiro which knows a thing or two about hosting massive parties.

Millions of people flock to Copacabana Beach each year for the city’s New Years’ Eve celebration, which features fireworks, tributes to Afro-Brazilian spirit deities and bands on several stages.

In 1994, 3.5 million people hit the beach to see Rod Stewart in what The Guinness World Records Web site describes as history’s largest live concert.

But Rio Mayor Cesar Maia is among the city officials already touting Saturday’s Stones appearance as the biggest live concert ever, arguing that many of those counted at the Stewart show were on the beach to celebrate New Year’s.

Stones fans were expected to fill fully half of the 2.5-mile beach. Eight video screens and 16 sound towers will give fans far from the action a glimpse of the sexagenarian rockers.

Security is a concern. Earlier this month, three people were crushed to death and 38 injured in São Paulo when thousands of fans surged through security barriers at an autograph session for the Mexican band RBD.

The city is deploying 10,000 police officers  about three times the usual contingent for New Year’s  as well as 600 firefighters, civil defense workers and lifeguards, said Ana Maria Maia, Rio’s subsecretary of special events.

The city’s port authority also was preparing for the huge influx of boats expected to crowd the shoreline.

As workers put the finishing touches on the enormous stage, fans were hoping for a glimpse of the band, known for hits such as "Satisfaction."

"I’m here to see them," Cristina Spacarella, a 46-year-old tourist from Argentina, said Friday. But she said she would not go to the show itself:  "It’s going to be too crowded."

Local media speculated that the Rolling Stones might visit the city’s Sambadrome stadium, where the Carnaval group Imperatriz Leopoldinense was rehearsing, since Luciana Jimenez, who has a 6-year-old son with lead singer Mick Jagger, is a featured Carnaval dancer for the group.

This is the Stones’ third visit to the country, but the first time the band has played for free in Brazil, where few can afford tickets to see top international acts.

Fans were also camping out outside São Paulo’s Morumbi stadium on Friday, hoping to be one of the first to enter the venue where U2 is playing Monday night.

Organizers were overwhelmed by huge crowds when the Irish band’s tickets went on sale Jan. 16. Police were called in to restore order when some infuriated fans threatened to break into the stores where tickets were being sold.

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  • Guest

    One little comment . . .
    Just for your information – you poor little picked upon Brazilians are getting one hell of a good deal as other concert goers in other countries will bankroll TRS concert on the beach by being charged upwards of $800 per ticket!! One sentence and you little pussies start calling this site a disgrace… Shut your fucking dicksuckers and accept it for what it was – very true. My wife is Brazilian and she knows good and well she could never pay the outrageous prices those geriatric rockers ordinarily charge. Furthermore, I don’t know how many of you saw them play during the half-time of the Super Bowl but they woud have to pay me to come see them with that lame performance!

    Anyway to the creepy gringo who wrote “abracos aos meus irmaos brasileiros”. God you are a super fag aren’t you? You know you aren’t their “brother” as much as you fancy you are and they would sooner steal your camera than associate with you pussy!!!

  • Guest

    Beggars Banquet
    That’s funny, why am I not surprised. Etiquette is missing, and manners.

  • Guest

    Beggars Banquet
    Great concert! Loved it! But the VIPs really were annoying. I saw one female “celebrity” tht was listening to her IPod! Most of them stood around chatting and didn´t really know any of the songs!
    Some of us started to boo them but they just laughed and waved and continued drinking their cheap champagne. Disgraceful.

  • Guest

    It is good to see Brazilians come together to enjoy one of the worlds great rock bands.

  • Guest

    just attended the Rio concert
    Just survived the concert in Rio. The Stones were great as they were the last 5 times I saw them but the lack of crowd control resulted in numerous bodies being downed and stomped on all around me, very lucky it was not a disaster with 100’s of deaths .. what did u see ?

    But the band played on and very welll, Mick looked like he was enjpying himself. The govt owes the citizens attempts at crowd control, side streets open to ambulances, etc .. This may not make the news but it is real, it just happenned .. Rio is RIo and the Stones are the Stones and both delivered as expected ..For my gang of locals the thefts were 1 cell phone, one hat, one camera and some cash .and the opportunity to have only good memories of a hell of an event ..Carioca James

  • Guest

    i agree with the person who posted first. this site is an absolute disgrace. i can’t believe people would come together to create a site that’s SOLE raisson d’etre seems to be to denigrate a country that, for the majority of them, isn’t even their own! there’s nothing wrong with a bit of criticism and, sure as hell, brazil NEEDS to buck its ideas up in many ways but the whole negative twist that the authors seem to put on EVERYTHING has really become quite wearysome.

    but that’s what you’re bound to get when a group of sour, permanently unimpressed, leather-sandle-wearing, creepy gringos come together after a 2-week holiday in brazil. what a miserable bunch of tossers.

    abracos aos meus irmaos brasileiros.

  • Guest

    here we go again!!
    I don’t know wha’t with you guys,even when it’s something nice happening in Brazil you have to always say something negative don’t you??? why instead of saying [where few can afford] why don’t you say ,this is good because those who can’t afford it can also come and see the band,,,because you should know damm well that any good band coming to Brazil always it will be fullhouse because is enough people in Brazil with money to go and pay to see any band,,,,,,,,but ofcourse not hey?? you bunch always have to put a negative spin on Brazil and it’s people……do it right or get a life mate!!

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