Brazil Sends Food to Flood Victims in Bolivia

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ordered that humanitarian aid be sent to Bolivia, which is facing problems caused by flooding. Brazil will send 14 tons of food to help the 13,000 Bolivian families affected by the floods.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the basic food baskets, which were provided by the Brazilian Civil Defense agency, are sufficient to feed 1000 families for three weeks. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is in charge of transporting the food supplies.

According to the ministry, the FAB plane is expected to land at the El Trompillo airport, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where the food will be turned over to representatives of the Bolivian government and the United Nations World Food Program.

Representatives of the program are assisting local officials in the reception and distribution of international humanitarian aid.



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    So your help should cost you….
    ….around Reais 15’000.- to 20’000.– while you are stealing them hundreds of million US dollars in buying their gas far, far, far below international market prices.

    That is your way of compensating your unfairness !!!!

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