Brazil’s Computer for All Program Has Already Lent US$ 16 Million

To promote digital inclusion by facilitating computer purchases and reducing the price tag, the Brazilian federal government launched the Connected Citizen-Computers for All program last November.

Three months later, the project is already operating through four credit lines set up by the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES).

Cláudio Leal, head of the Indirect Operations department at the BNDES, thinks that the total amount of loans approved so far – US$ 16 million – represents a good initial result. The budget provides for up to US$ 140 million.

According to Leal, the financing provided by the BNDES is used by retail chains to buy computers from the manufacturers and then offer them to consumers for lower prices and on easier payment terms.

Besides the BNDES, the Banco do Brasil and the Caixa Econômica (Federal Savings Bank) are participating in the Computers for All program. The latter two institutions provide financing for their individual account holders to acquire computers.

The Computers for All program stipulates a basic equipment configuration using the Linux operating system. The intention is to promote digital inclusion.



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