Brazil Wants Digital TV That Will Cost Zip to the Consumer

Brazil’s Minister of Communications, Hélio Costa, will soon travel abroad to check on the chances for technology transfer, which will make it easier to decide on the country’s digital TV format.

According to the minister, there is interest by some countries in installing factories in Brazil, which would reduce the cost of new technology. Brazil is specifically interested in semi-conductor industries, said Costa.

"In Brazil, 93% of the TV sets receive open TV broadcasting. What we want is a system that is robust enough to reach that 93%," explained the minister. "What Brazil really wants is a format that will have zero cost for the Brazilian consumer."

Among the various countries Costa will visit are Japan and Korea.

The announcement of Brazil’s choice for digital should have occurred March 10, but the committee studying the issue, which consists of nine ministers, asked for more time to make a decision.

Theoretically Brazil has three choices: it can select the Japanese format (ISDB), which is what broadcasters want, because it has good high definition, interactivity and mobile reception, but is not widely used outside Japan,

A second choice is the European format (DVB), which also has good high definition with more levels of interactivity and is used in 78 countries.

The third option would be the American format (ATSC), which has good high definition and interactivity, but no mobile reception,  Canada, South Korea and Mexico say they will use it.

There is, at least on paper, a fourth choice for Brazil: a kind of hybrid digital TV standard, which would mean adapting a foreign format but including technological advances developed by Brazilians in the area which are significant and known as the Brazilian Digital TV System (SBTVD).

There is no lack of opinions on which format is best. Everybody seems to have one. Recently University of Brasí­lia professor of Journalism, Murilo César Ramos, said he favors the European format because it offers more channels, more programs and more interactivity.

And the former secretary of Telecommunications at the Ministry of Communications, Mauro Oliveira, says he favors the hybrid format. "I don’t think we should be forced to pick "A" or "B" or "C" – Japanese, European or American. Brazilian scientists have done a lot of work on this and should not be left out in the cold," he declared.

The Ministry of Communications estimates the digital TV market in Brazil will generate US$ 10 billion in business over the next decade. And there is a strong desire to make a quick decision because the Brazilian government would really like to test the new format with broadcast images from this year’s World Soccer Cup which takes place this summer in Germany.



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    Everything should be free
    It makes perfect sense that digital cable is provided for free. The extra cost would be passed through to the customer by means of higher hardware costs. So should anyone pay more for the intellectual property rights associated with digital media formatting? No, that would be akin to charging for MP3 formatted music, or sending messages via Morse code. Perhaps we should pay a royalty for using the number system. I think not.

  • Guest

    Listen here american parasite….If advice was good you would sell it, not give it away!” Specially being american….you give nothing away but BULLITS!

    Put this english known phrase in proper sequence: OFF FUCK

    Yours truly,


  • Guest

    One question about YOUR argument…
    WTF has all your crap that you´ve shat upon us got to do with the original topic of which digital TV format?
    I´ll tell you what – Zero, zilch, nada, nothing, F**K ALL… you took a news post about Brazil waiting longer to decide on what tv format to use and turned into your favourite lustful hateful rant…
    I´ve learnt never to argue with anyone who shows utter contempt for the opposing side – it´s a waste of breath….

  • Guest

    Constructive ???? Ohhhh yes….
    After 200 years of all the same shit, something must change….for the better…of Brazilian society…and not for the better of the minority elite !

    As to my blahhh blahhh blahhh…that you criticize, you take it from the easy way by NOT answering clearly and specifically.

    If there is 1 wrong critic……please name it and bring your own numbers !!!!
    But your blahh blahh blahhh is not really a specific answer, but just an answer showing that you have no argument !!!!

    So simple !

  • Guest

    Blah, blah, blah, yada,yada,yada, yeah, yeah, yeah.
    Listen mate, if you are so pissed at Brazil, why don´t you offer some constructive criticism and not just spout your “Brazil is evil” bollocks.
    By definition, any country that has politicians ruling it is going to be corrupt in some way – here it´s a bit more obvious than in say… the U.S. where the “Lobbyists” have a hand in almost every new law passed….
    And thank you for thinking I am a Brazlian, I am not unfortunately, I chose to live here and will continue living here as long as I can as even with all the problems it has, it´s a close to paradise as I have yet to find….

  • Guest

    If you dont deserve your attention…..
    ….things must be bought and poaid for….not stolen one way or another.
    Would you appreciate that we dont pay what YOU produced ????????

    I dont think so. If I am wrong, please just ship to us a few cargoes of soy and iron ore…….of course !
    IN the last 50 years you did not develop much while many countries poorrer than you 5o years ago developed very well…..because they invested in education, infrastructure, R&D.

    You want to know these countries ?
    South Korea, Taiwan, Japan totally destroyed after the war and even Germany !!!!!!!!

    You failed constantly and repeatdly.
    Even the wealthiest area of Brazil is of German descendants.
    Proof that you could develop….if you really wished it and wanted it for the benefit of the whole Brazilian society and not only for the benefits of your minority elite, and politicians corrupted to the roots !
    Why dont you want to work the normal way all developed countries did ?
    You just want free things or you steal them.
    The GDP per capita in Brazil is not that small compared to other developing nations. But within the developing nations with equal GDP per capita tha Brazil, your country has by far by far the highest poverty rate, simply because you have the world worst wealth inequality after Sierra Leone that is not even a developed country.

    Nothing to be proud of !
    And we developed nations must fucked themselves, sorry, but I just remind you that it is with them that you do your most profitable trade, but this is not the case in the opposite way.
    You represent nothing…in the eyes of developed nations.
    Asia worked and work hard and they are surpassing you
    hands on.
    And Brazil with Lula the junkie simply had the lowest economic growth of ALL developing countries !
    Nothing to be proud of but this is typically the Brazilian way of life… not doing things they are supposed to do !

  • Guest

    Soy king . .
    It is that much more shameful that Brazil doesn’t even recognize what it has in the Amazon (America’s 51st state – haven’t you heard the news?) and will utterly squander it in our lifetimes. God only knows how Brazil may have been able to turn the tables by exploiting the as of yet undiscovered medicines growing in the world’s most biologically diverse area.

    It is true that Brazil does have a tendency to be parasitic when it comes to things like prescription medecine and technology. It’s easy to offer cheap drugs when you essentially steal them from the corporations that spent billions delivering them to market. I am no fan of huge corps. but I also know that they are entitled to protection from infringement under the law.

    I think what the author of the first post was trying to say was that we don’t want YOUR attention so kindly fuck off and stop stealing from the 1st world and start paying your tab like everyone else now that your this big export king with surpluses and whatnot . . .

  • Guest

    If we don´t deserve your “atttention” please F*CK off and leave us alone.
    Your “medievil” attitude and elitist thinking is exactly what is wrong in the world today.

  • Guest

    zip cost is the appropriate wording !
    Brazil is not willing to buy anything unless it is free.
    the same happened for the first GM soy seeds, the same is happening for the Terminator seeds, the same is happening for HIV drugs, the same is happening for other drugs, just to name a few.

    In fact, the Brazilian point of view is that developed nations should invest billions and billions in R&D, and when done, offer the technology free to Brazil !!!!!

    But no way that Brazil will either pay something or invest itself in R&D.

    That is why you still are a medieval country, with only a small minority wealthy citizens living like in developed countries !
    Nothing has changed for the last 2 centuries and nothing will change in the next 100 years.
    Same for your education, impunity, corruption, injustice, lack of infrastructure.

    It is only in wording and promises, rarely a fact that you will change !!!!

    Developed nations should not even deal or negotitate anything with you !
    Hopefully negotiations will fail at the WTO.
    You dont deserve our attention.
    We dont need you but you need us to buy your products, otherwise you will starve again !

  • Guest

    that\’ll be great!!
    Hope it truly get’s here soon and is not on a typical “brazilian” timetable!

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