Trying to Dispel Whorehouse Image Brazil Offers Discounts for Family Tourism

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has been acting on three fronts to combat sexual tourism in Brazil, through awareness campaigns, training people to spot problems and working with foreign travel agents.

Since 2004 the "Brazil, if you love it, protect it" campaign distributes information in airports, restaurants, and bars to make people more aware of the problem of sex tourism, mainly when dealing with minors.

The ministry also helps to train people who work with tourism, teaching them what to do when faced with an instance of exploitation of children and adolescents.

Finally, the government works together with entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to demonstrate the importance of protecting children and adolescents from sexual tourism.

Sidney Costa, coordinator of the ministry’s Program to Combat Sexual Tourism, says that there is already a campaign underway in Brazilian embassies to explain how to identify agencies that offer sexual tourism in Brazil.

"They are trained to show that Brazil is not a country that approves of sexual tourism and that exploitation of children and adolescents constitutes a crime in Brazil," he observes.

A pilot project in Italy, where a study discovered that sexual tourism was giving Brazil a bad name, began to provide incentives for new travel packages that convey the image of Brazil as a place for wholesome tourism.

"An agreement was signed with the UIL (Italian Labor Union) to benefit workers by offering discount packages for family vacations," Costa explains. He says that the same project will be tried in the Netherlands.



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  • Anthony

    Brazil sex
    Brazil is the sexiest country on earth. Sex is a commodity here. That is normal here. People here are comfortable with this. Don’t come here if you don’t like it. I like it. This is a sex positive country. Brazil leads the way!

  • Guest

    Re: above
    Are you mad, or something? They’re tarts. That’s what they do. They like it.

  • Guest

    That’s a shame but couldn’t the government scale it down and get them to do something else worthwhile?

  • Guest

    controlled? Would be a huge task, requiring a LOT of money from the gov’t., gov’t. programs and enforcement of them. In my 10 years of experiece here in brazil, it would be hard for me to imagine….unfortunately.

  • Guest

    Thats a good point mate what can I say to that? I agree with what you’ve said but it could be controlled though?

  • Guest

    “This campaign may impress certain NGO’s and the UN but makes Brasil which is one of the greatest countries in the world look mighty ugly.”

    It shows a reality that certainly exists here in Brazil!

    Prostitution is EVERYWHERE! I’ve been in 15 countries in my lifetime, and have NEVER seen anything close to brazil in the sheer numbers of prostitutes. This problem goes much deeper, lack of investment in education, lack of opportunities, lack of a livable wage.

    Believe me, when I’m with my 6 year old daughter and she asks what all those women on the side of the street scantilly dressed waving down cars are doing, I get embarrassed. It’s an embarrasing situation for everyone involved.

    If Brazil gaves the girls the opportunity to get an education, and the opportunity to earn a livable wage, you can bet your ass that 80% of them wouldn’t be selling their asses!

  • Guest

    Yea I missed that – good question. Could be discounted vouchers for this proposed Disney Land?

  • Guest

    \”……..Brazil Offers Discounts for Fa
    So where are the offers?

  • Guest

    error, or what it has to offer

  • Guest

    We’re talking about a balance here not being puritanical.

    If Brazil wants to sell itself on SEX, why not change the name of the capital to Bracock or Brazcock – like Bangcock in Thailand or something?

    Sure SEX is ok but it seems to be in excess here, unregulated, and lets not forget about the rampant rise in Aids and other transmitted diseases.

    Effective Tourism is about promoting an all round balance of a country, incorporating all areas – where one can get a vivid picture of what that country is all about, or has to offer.

  • Guest

    What is wrong with so called ‘sex tourism’? If any countries have problems it is most likely the repressive English speaking countries with their over repressive ideas about sex that are spreading around the world through collective consensus and globalizaition.

    There are really three issues here.
    1. In Brazil, voting is allowed at 16 although not cumpulsory. How can it be that people have the maturity to vote at 16 but cannot have sex with adults at 16. Making the age limit consistant at 16 would solve a great deal of that problem.
    2. The Globe, along with the never ending influence of the NGO interlopers and parasites would have one believe that Brasil is fecundated with 9 year old’s from North to South selling themselves at R1.99. If that be the case then all single bars should be closed as well because their are a cdertain amount of rapes that take place every year. However I believe that the reality is that the NGO’s as well as the media make their money from scandal and other people’s misey, often creati ng a problem where there isn’t one. No scandal, no 98% profits, and what ‘child, adolescent, or woman’ has not been abused when it comes to an NGO?
    With all the hyperbole, it is hard to find positive action to alleviate the economic disparities of those in the poorer realms while the NGO’s line their pockets.

    3. Mssrs. Costa and Guia would be better to extol the virtues of tourism in Brasil which is multifaceted, rather then pound the ugliness of a continual witch-hunt and trying to be more puritan then the US. This campaign may impress certain NGO’s and the UN but makes Brasil which is one of the greatest countries in the world look mighty ugly. By the way, negative advertising is still advertising and does more to promote the cause that putatively it purports to stop.

  • Guest

    These “areas” and “clubs” where prostition is the principle product and service being offered are well-known in ALL cities here. Why don’t they go and shut these places down?

  • Guest

    You only have to ask one question, or give one suggestion. If they want to change this image so desperately, WHY DON’T THEY MAKE PROSTITUTION ILLEGAL?????

  • Guest

    Wow Brazil is trying to dispel ‘Whorehouse’image? Has it suddenly woken up?

    Wasn’t this part and parcel of the portugese elite and its exploitation of its citizens? Has Brazil even taken notice of residing ex-pats who have boasted that Brazil is sold on Sun, Sea and SEX – they are not interested in the social issues.Thanks Brazil, what a recipe for social development?

    I commend the government for addressing these issues but isn’t the damage already done?

    Surely there has to be more to Brazil than its voluptuous whores, rentboys and shemales, isn’t there?

    Why does it always appear that Brazil has built a country, but not a nation! Strange….

  • Guest

    No douit that….
    Brazil want to keep their whores for themselves, as prostitution is not illegal.
    And the same is for sexual exploitation of children, even if illegal as per Brazilian laws.

    Prohibiting foreign sex tourism that way means only that you are afraid that PRICES will go UP and so locals can still afford with the LOW PRICES Brazilian whores ask.

    Strange. Isnt it.
    Because anyway, many Brazilian prositutes leave the country ba themselves to “work” in a developed country where they can make far more money.

    Pretending that what I say is not true would be a simple lie.
    But it would be doubtful that prositutes from a developed country will go working in Brazil for obvious reason.

  • Guest

    I want to travel to Brazil too. Mainly because of its wonderful wholesome image.

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