US Calls Brazil World Leader in Ethanol and Deep-Sea Oil Drilling

Latin America is well placed to become a leader in supplying biofuels and renewable sources of energy for the rest of the world. As well as that, the United States and other developed countries are keen to explore partnerships within this sector in the region.

Such conclusions came up in one of the debates of the World Economic Forum (WEF) dedicated to Latin America, which ended Thursday, April 6, in São Paulo.

The minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil, Luiz Fernando Furlan, said there were 50 new projects in the sugar and alcohol sector in the country, segment which involves the production of alcohol fuel.

Ethanol has been used in large scale as a fuel in the Brazilian fleet of vehicles for about 30 years. "There may also be opportunities for joint ventures," said Furlan, according to a statement released by the WEF.

"There is a very serious energy agenda that we can work on together," said the United States Assistant Secretary of State Economic and Business Affairs, Anthony Wayne, according to the statement.

According to him, his country started developing a program to diversify their energy sources. "And Brazil is a leader in the production of ethanol and deep sea drilling for petroleum," he added.

The North American also said that the United States have their eye also in the natural gas produced in Argentina.

Brazil has also already started producing in industrial scale biofuel from oleaginous plants, like soy and castor seed.



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