Brazilian Indians Give President Lula an F

The 3rd Acampamento Terra Livre (Free Land Camp) Letter has been debated and written by more than 500 Brazilian indigenous leaders from 84 peoples coming from 19 Federal Units, who have gathered together in the Ministerial Esplanade, in BrasÀ­lia, the capital of Brazil.

It strongly criticized the current official indigenous policy and pointed out the way forward towards a new relationship between indigenous people and the State, and demanded that promises made by the Federal Government during the election campaign and since it assumed power are carried out.

The need for indigenous people to participate in public policies that concern them was the central issue of the debates and demands.

The camp participants gave the indigenous policy of the Lula administration a negative evaluation, considering that the few results achieved have had to be "prized out" by applying a lot of "pressure and effort which have even required the lives of our relatives to be sacrificed."

"The Lula administration has stuck to a retrograde, tutelary, bureaucratic official policy, confusing the interests of indigenous peoples with those of Funai, and confusing this indigenous institution with indigenous policy," the document concludes.

The lack of commitment mentioned by the camp participants in the letter recalls that "of the 14 land demarcation procedures being processed by the Ministry of Justice which were submitted to the Minister of Justice and the president of Funai for a solution in Indigenous April, 2005, only one has had a declaratory government order published." The indigenous movement demands that the Federal Government goes back to regulating indigenous lands at the rate it used to.

In the opinion of the current leaders, the indifference shown to the indigenous people, which has characterized the Lula administration during the three years of its mandate, was reaffirmed by the Government when it refused to receive a commission which tried to deliver the final letter to the three branches (the Federal Administration, Congress and the Supreme Court).

"In spite of the hearing having been booked the previous day with a representative of the President of the Republic, who would be defined by the Government, the commission of indigenous leaders was not received.

"First the time was changed, for which no reasons were given, and later the commission of leaders was refused entry to the Presidential Office by two advisors to the Lula’s chief of staff, Gilberto Carvalho, who said that the government would receive three representatives but not a commission, due to time and space restraints," they said in a letter signed by the Forum in Defense of Indigenous People’s Rights and by Apib.

In spite of this, the indigenous peoples’ final speeches considered the mobilization as being positive for the movement. "This is not a moment for us to feel defeated, but one for us to know that we are warriors and we will continue to fight, as we always have done," said the leader Mura, who had participated in the camp.

On the day that it drew to a close, the Free Land mobilization presented the final document to the president of the Federal Senate, Renan Calheiros, and took part in a Public Hearing in the Senate.

They were also received by the president of the Supreme Federal Court, justice Ellen Gracie, who promised to give priority to processes connected to indigenous lands. "These are complex issues, which will take a long time to process, but we can give them precedence," the justice said.  

In the health area, the indigenous leaders observed a marked worsening in the health services provided to indigenous peoples between 2005 and today.

"The indigenous people who are members of the District Councils have not been trained; resources are still not compatible with the DSEI’s demands; and the DSEIs have still not been granted administrative and financial autonomy," they said.

In the letter, they restate the agreement from last year understanding that "the transfer of indigenous school education activities to the states – and from the states to the municipalities – is the main stumbling block preventing the implementation of a differentiated, quality indigenous school education program."

Cimi – Indianist Missionary Council


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  • Guest

    How Stupid Can One Person Be???!!!
    Any Brazilian will admit that we have made mistakes in the past and that we are still making many. That is not the point here.

    The point is that Brazil is becoming one of the leaders of this planet with its policy to produce biofuel!!!

    Please do not forget that you can not compare biofuels to other products. Fuels are required in large unchangble amounts day in day out by all countries.

    And then there are just a few countries which have the potential to produce enough of it to themselves and also to export.

    Brazil has of course the greastest potencial to produce enough of it for themselves as to export in very large quantities.


    And do not forget that countries like USA and Russia have depleted many of their oilrerserves. (Though Russia still have enough to export for many years)

    So please do not be so naive to compare fuels to any other product. Can you imagine you Swiss not being able to use your expensive cars due a oil shortage!! (I bet you don’t)

    And of course is Switserland one of the most rich nations when you look to their GNP per capita. But do you never wonder how you have reached this state of wealthness. Yes, by wrongdoing.

    Your country has fuelled their pockets trough nazi’s, criminals’, gangsters’ etc etc Money.

    And what are you talking about that Switserland does export more than Brazil??? How can you be so stupid to say something like that???

    Friend, Switzerland is a member of the European Free Trade Association. So I see you as a small state of the EU.

    It is therefore stupid to compare exports of these members with other countries. If you do so I will start to count the trade among Brazilian states too.

    To give you another example: Germany do export more than the USA!!! Surprised??

    If you want to compare exports by country, then you should take in account exports to countries not belonging to your association. Then Brazil would outperform !!!

    So stop acting stupid!

    And last, but not least, it is more important to to take a look at surplusses. Brazil also do outperform you greatly!!!

    Good point of you about sewage and garbage. Brazil can improve a lot on that too.

    But I was talking about the air. 30%More or less of our fuel is made from plants, thus cleaner. And take a look at the brither side, we brazilians do not need to drink water that comes back from the toilets. We dump it the sea!! So our water that we drink and the air we breath is also much cleaner!


    1 Brazil has had great growth in the past, but this at the cost of huge deficits. This is bad man!!

    We have to look to ourselves and try to make the country stable. We are doing fine now!

    The production of technological produts are now also sky-high. That is good!

    Brazilian people are stopping to make children by tens.I thas was a problem. We Brazilians have been making many children (big families) without the possibilty to give them a good education!!! That is also changing to better. People are more aware and responsible of their acts..
    (I can go on forever on this subject, but I think it is enough for now)

    I hope you have learn you learned your lesson. Biofuel is the future for the coming 20-30 years. Brazil can make huge profits on this. (oil production is declining drastically and demand is rising enormously!!)

    Of course Brazil will then use the money for other industries and make the step to become a super power only behind the USA and China!!!

  • Guest

    You are much cleaner than who ????
    – Do you know that only 10 % of Brazil sewage is treated
    and that 90 % goes straight to the ocean or to the rivers ?

    – You have a similar percentage of your garbage treated.

    – What about your in dustrial pollution everywhere ?

    – What about how clean (I mean dirty)
    your thousands of miles of beaches are ?

    – Then you said that you encountered problems in the 90’s.
    What about your far bigger problems you had in the 80’s with your thousands of percents in inflation ? Forgotten ?
    How many times did you devalued by 1000, or by a million your currency in the last 50 years ? Forgotten too ?

    – And sure you can export what you want, as long as it is cheap !

    – But one thing that yourself should know as a consumer is that as a buyer, you decide to whom you buy. It is not the seller who choose his buyer ! Correct ?
    Just think about it. Just imagine yourself being the best client of your bakery, and that the owner criticizes you every day on your back. What will you do once ? I guess you wil change your supplier. He is not alone wishing to sell bread ! Correct ? Just think about it !
    It is with the USA and the EU that you make 50 % of your trade surplus.

    – And again, repeating what I said, the U.S.A. deficits, at the end, benefits mostly the developing countries.You should then say thank you Mr USA.

    – But stucked you are anyway, because 50 % of the U.S. treasuries are held by Central Banks around the world. and if these CB decide to sell some of their holdings in $, they in fact penalize themselves with their remaining $ !!!!! smile ! Do you get me ? This is like an auto goal to themselves !!!!

    Finally you did not answer to the basic questions I raised :
    – If Brazil doesnt have a higher economic growth rate than the developed nations, when and how can you fill or reduce the gap ?
    Even somewhat !
    – And if Brazil does not grow with the average growth rate of other developing countries, please explain clearly how you will beat them in the the future ?
    100 years ago you were the kings with rubber ! You failed. Then it was coffee time, you failed too. Then it was logging. you failed too. Then it was soy. Just look what is happening.
    You also had beef. Same results. Now you are talking abouth ethanol and mamona. You are probably aware that Lula has big plans on mamona and biofuel. He wants to seed all the Brazilian Northeast dryland to help poor people.
    Do you know that in 2005 your mamona production went down by 32 % ??? Yesss ! What a boom ! You may just as well look at the world prices, worse than soya prices.

    – you can also analyze your oil production. Yess you are a leader in deap sea production. But by being deep this oil is at a costly price, with a much lower profit margin than oil from elesewhere like Saudi Arabia, or whatever. Just imagine what would happen if oil price go down to the mid $ 40.- per barrel. Huge losses are around the corner. Thinking that oil can only go up is the same as when you thought rubber, beef, teak investments, pines, eucalyptus, ostrich growing, and now sugar had only one way to go. Look at what happened next.

    And finally if you are so efficient producing oil, why is your gasoline price much higher than in the U.S.A. ???? Even your electricity per KWH is much higher! Numbers are even worse when you compare the buying power between the U.S.. and the Brazilian consumer.

    Ohhh by the way, I am not American at all. I am from a small country in the center of the EU, not a member of the EU. My country has no oil, doesnt not export agriculture, we have no basic ferrous or non ferrous metal or any minerals such as iron ore or whatever. No mine of any sort .We dont have 1 single car plant. 90 % of our textile is imported. The population is only 7 millions BUT WE EXPORT MORE THAN THE TOTAL EXPORTS OF BRAZIL.
    And we are one of the wealthiest per capita nation in the world.

    I guess we do something right. I guess also that you do something wrong ! Find out what and just copy us.If we did it, you could do it too. Correct ? Your government(s) needs a long term strategy and commitment.
    Just go in the articles at Brazzil Magazine on this same site, and read what Buarque, one of your EX state governor, EX senator, EX Eduction minister and a current candidate for your presidential elections, is saying on the past, present and future of Brazil.

    Dont believe one second that I am the only foreign asshole criticizing your past and your present. Many political people, historians, NGO’s, International Agencies, thinkers, teachers are just saying the same that I do !
    How can anyone defend the policies of a country that proclaims itself the garden of the world, exports so much agricultural products, but have not enough food to feed in priority their own citizens ????
    Think twice, please.

    Bye now !

  • Guest

    Yes, ridiculous…..
    Anything in this planet can generate continous profits!!!! (there may be execptions, of course)

    Look at GM, the biggest car maker, look at their history and even at the present. They are having huge problems with its businesses.

    But do you think it has been a bad idea to have establised the company back then????

    Of course it was a good idea as it has generated so much money, employment, etc etc….

    The same applies for Ethanol, beef soybeans etc. And the same will apply for biofuels.

    Let me explain you what I mean: Ethanol has generated emplyoment, has reduced our dependecy on oil and has allowed us from depleting our oil reserves!!

    Ok, you are right that we encountered some problems in the 90s. But lets get real, we are exporting Ethanol to your country, we are a much cleaner country than the average, etc, etc, etc,.

    And one more thing: USA requires 20 m barrels oil per day and their production has been reduced from 9 to 5 m barrels per day.

    So of course we will face several problems with Ethanol, coffee,. beef etc etc etc. But we can become independent from the world when we want. You on the other side will only increase your deficits every year!!!

    Your government debt is now 8 trillon dollar!!!!

    Again shame on you!

  • Guest

    And what would you do…
    …if we stopped buying from you ????
    Because the only growth you had was effectively from external demand not from internal demand.

    By the way, as a Brazilian you are not very familiar with your own country and what is happening.
    Your agriculture for example. Ohhhh sure you export but but…..your farmers are struggling.
    Land prices in Mato Grosso went down by 65 % in 2 years.
    Your combine harvester sales went down by 40 % in the first quarter of 2006. Down to the 1976 level.You read correctly : down to 1976 levels.
    Your farmers just got
    a new subsdizy and it is going to be talked on April 10.
    Most large agribusinesses like Bunge, Cargill and Archer Daniel are cutting their expansion plan. Many are closing some of their crushing plant.
    Your catlle, soya growers are ALL loosing money.A ton of money.
    Here are a few extracts from Brazilian newspapers that I suppose you dont read :
    – For the third consecutive year (yes 3rd) Brazilian Catlle Ranchers had a loss of revenue, despite record beef export, reports the president Antenon
    Nogueira of Forum Nacional Permanente da pecuaria da corte.
    – Cattle prices at 9 years low.
    РMargen Tr˻s Lagoa closes 7th plant in less than one month.
    – Bunge US$ 1.3 billion four year plan is cut by 70 % and further plans are on hold. they already closed 7 of their fertilizers plants and will close more. They closed 2 of their 12 crushing mills and expect to close more.

    But obviously by continuing to be brainwashed by what Lla and his government wants you to swallow, everything looks rosy.
    Just as when Lula says there was not corruption in your vote buying scandal.
    Ohhhh sure there was none.Right ????

    3 years ago you thought you will become rich with your soya. Now you are loosing money on it.
    Now you believe that it wont be on soya but on biofuel. Therefore you will grow sugar cane everywhere, including in your gardens ! Right ?
    Concerning your hydrotechnology prowess, it is because you have a lot of large rivers, not because you are are smarter. Still then, why are you building more nuclear plants and intend to build more in the future ???

    Finally, dont you remember how smart you were with your sugar ethanol, 30 years ago ?
    Yessss it was a boom, followed by a total bust.
    Everytime you said this time is different.
    So far, every time you were wrong.
    That is why you have been called a Boom and Bust economy.
    Unfortunately for you, this time, during the last 3 years you did not have a miracle economy as ALL others developing nations had, but a mirage economy.

    And if you really want to fill the gap with other nations, you should grow faster than them, by definition. Right !

    Well , that was not and is not the case.
    then by simple maths it means that you will continue to lag.

    Bye now !

  • Guest

    Don\’t You get…..
    …tired of repeating the same bullshit every time under every article in this site???

    Take a look at your own country: mighty america!! , then you will see that Brazil is doing very well at this moment.

    Actually Brazil has never done as well as it is doing now.

    We are developping at a slow pace, that is truth. But look at the bright sight. So allow me to compare USA to Brazil: Our surplusses are breaking records. Your defecits are also doing the same, i.e., breaking records. We are paying off our external debts. You external debts are soaring by the day. (The total debt of the USA has already reached $40 trillion!!!!

    We are already auto-sufficient in Petrol and platform p50 will guarantee the sustainbility this month for the future. Your country are depleting its reseves. Your oil production has already decreased to 5 m barrels per day, while your consumption has already surpassed the mark of 20 m barrels per day. This will only make your country even more dependent on its enemy (the arabs).

    To sum up. We are doing well now. The prospecs are even better. Our engine has been upgraded and therefore become powerful. But your engine has become weak and dependent!!! Shame on you USA!

    Brazil has everything on their hands now. We should take profit of this situation starting to sell our biofuel and ethanol to the rich countries and therefore becoming very rich ourselves!!!

    I did not mention about our hydroelectric technology vs. your coal burning ‘technology’

    So this will be the lesson for the next time. For now have a good day!and see you soon.

  • Guest

    F ?
    Is that the worst grading in Brazil ?`
    Then I agree.

    Or doest that means…FOOL ? I agree.

    Or F..k ? then I agree too.

    My rating would be J, for Junkie.

    But did Lula ever promise something to anyone ??
    As usual he either doesnt remember or says he did not promise anything.
    Pure fantasy from your imagination.

    Everyone is wrong, HE is always right.

    Even truly proud of himself that Brazil had the lowest economic growth of ALL developing countries during his 4 years mandate.
    YESSSS so it is.

    But to hide the truth, he compares his performances to the past and not to his peers during the same 4 years.
    Brazil even had a lower economic growth than the world average (Including developped nations here).

    This guy is just insane

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