Brazil Sends Three Ministers to Japan to Discuss Digital TV

The Brazilian Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, embarked Sunday, April 9, for Japan, where he will maintain governmental contacts related to Brazil’s future choice of a digital TV standard.

"We will discuss the possibility of an effective partnership in this area," the minister commented prior to his departure.

The Minister of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade, Luiz Fernando Furlan, and the Minister of Communications, Hélio Costa, are also accompanying the mission.

Encounters are scheduled for Tuesday, April 11, and Wednesday, April 12, with the Japanese Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Taro Aso, the Minister of Interior and Communications, Heizo Takenaka, the minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Toshihiro Nikai, and the vice-president of the Association of Radio Industries and Business, Genichi Hashimoto, among others.

Minister Amorim guarantees that the meetings with the Japanese government do not imply eliminating the possibility of adopting a Brazilian digital TV model.

"Brazil does not wish to reinvent the wheel and have its own modulation standard. What is important is for there to be midware and software to complement one of the standards," he assured.



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    I wrote the previous post for Mr Intelectual. Not for my Brazilan friend.

    signed Leizao

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    Dear Patriot Brazilian
    We have the same view about most of Brazilian subjects argued on this site so far.

    Though I do not think that my comparison with the Germans are misleading.

    The Marshall Plan you referred in your last post was not the main REASON Europe had rebuild itself so fast.

    I really do not think that the $13 billion aid ($100 billion in today’s money) divided by more than 14 countries was what made Europe grow so fast after the 2nd world war. (Of course it helped a lot)

    Many European countries also started to revive before receiving aid from the USA!!

    Europeans were able to rebuild their nations by having the knowledge and Concensus, not trought the aid.

    If you take a look at the Brazilian position now, I think you can say we have enough capital, reasonable infrastructure and the know-how.

    The problem, just like you said yourself, lies in the lack of CONCENSUS. Every one in Brazil wants to get richer at the cost of the whole nation.

    But I really belief that this attitude is changing today bit by bit.

    signed Leizão.

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    Dear Leizao
    Dear Leizao

    I am the “guest” whose comments you refer to in your post.

    I agree with your point of view about the need for investment in new technologies sooner rather than later and any business person or entrepreneur with common sense should be able to see the many opportunities that exist. So, why isn’t it happening? The Government is saying the right things and encouraging it to happen but it’s not, at least not to level it is needed. Perhaps the answer lies in the operating system any potential investor would find themselves in where an army of expensive business lawyers is required to cut through the bureaucracy created by national and state governments or the business culture itself where every person involved wants a piece of the pie in order to make things happen.

    For Brazil to reach its full potential these are priorities which have to be addressed and addressed soon. The problem though is that those who hold the power do not want to give it up as it means they can carry on exploiting the system to their own advantage. I feel it will need an almost complete change of business and political culture in Brazil for it to reach the potential it has but I think we all know that is unlikely to happen.

    By the way, the comparison you drew with Germany at the end of World War 2 is a bit misleading. The Germany (and Japan) you see today grew from 1945 with a large supply of investment from other European and American technology and know how.

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    Dear Brazilian friend
    We should support each other by defending our country of ignorance and prejudices of other nationalities.

    Brazil has always been the country of the future, and I am sure that this is going to remain that way. But BRAZIL has also become the country of today!

    We have become self-sufficient in oil this year. (P50 will only make this fact remain sustainable)

    We have eliminated inflation and we are now reducing interests!!!

    Our industries are developped.

    Our government are sponsoring the poor families to send their children to public schools.

    We are the leader in clean energy (hydro) and biofuels. That will remain unchangeable!

    etc etc etc

    So it is very stupid to ignore all these facts and state that Brazil is not progressing, because it is.

    Nonetheless this will be a long process of at least 10 years, but once again, NOW I am confident Brazil will PROSPER. We are going to be the new Saudi Arabia of the biofuels and we will charge the world a substantial sum of money for a barrel of biofuel/Ethanol.

    À‰ isso irmão, temos que orgulhar desse nosso pais maravilhoso que se chama BRASIL!!

    signed Leizão

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    Oi Leizao!!!
    Brilliant Leizao…brilliant!!!

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    Non Existance…
    To facilitate the lifes of many people on this forum, I will indefy myself as LEIZAO!! This, to prevent people geting confused with the other patriotic Brazilian.

    I see myself as a realistic Brazilian who dispute both with Brazilians and non Brazilians about Brazilian facts and other opinions concerning our country.

    I might be also a good idea that ‘mr idiot’ indefy himself too.!

    I never implied that we have the technology of digital tv, but if You had read other articles on this site, you would have known that our scientits are also working on it!

    This should be estimulated by the government. I think it is quite stupid to pay for technoly, when we have the capacity to produce it ourselves.

    Now ‘my answers’ to the previous smart guest who possesses the ability to think critically.

    It is all true what you have said about Brazil. But, nonetheless, Brazil should invest in new technologies as it will provide for more work and also more independence on the rich nations.

    The technology costs will then, just like you said, be reduced so that ordinary Brazilians can afford it too. (that is already a good reason to start with the project as soon as possible)

    I think that Brazil is doing well by also using other broadband technologies, like the radio broadband technology. Of course will other states lag behind as they do not have as much money as the states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

    It is also a shame that Brazilians are not that eager to invest in their own country. That really upsets me!!

    We have the potential to be the most powerful country in this planet (just after China, India and the USA) in just 10 years.

    But due a lack of concensus, we will not succeed in doing that soon (becoming powerful in the short-term).

    I see Germany as a good example on how Brazilians should work together. (Their country were totally destroyd in the end of the 2nd world war, and even then they were able to become very prosperious very fast!!

    We Brazilans do many times accuse the past for our misery(Stupid Portuguese occupiers, dictorship etc, etc)

    But anyway, I think we are doing great now. Finally we have a president who is looking forward and not only thinking about reelection. This long-term policy is what Brazil needs. I am confident now that we are heading to relative prosperity.

    signed: Leizão.

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    Why develop a digital tv standard when the result will inevitably mean more Pay TV?

    I don’t know what the figures are but how many Brazilians now have or can afford the monthy R$100+ subscription access to existing cable and Sky television services? At a guess I would say no more than 10% of the population.
    Ok, I accept that with the advent of Brazil’s space industry, putting digital tv satellites into orbit probably won’t be a problem but again, how many Brazilians will be able to afford new digital compatible tvs or set top boxes or new digital compatible parabolicas? Initially, like all new technology the cost to the consumer will be high so it may be that ordinary Brazilian is excluded from this technology until such time its “cost” becomes more affordable.

    Whilst on the subject of digital technology, what are Brasil Telecom doing (outside of SP and RJ) to upgrade its telephone exchanges to make internet Broadband DSL services more widely available to the brazilian public. Also, why is there no Brazilian entrepreneur willing to invest in a production facility to manufacture affordable Home Computers for the domestic market? The price of computers and IT technology generally in Brazil is enormous in relative terms because of all the import duties and taxes the Government puts on them. Why is Lula’s government not doing more in these areas?

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    YOU ARE SO FUCKING SIMPLE MINDED MF. AND YOU THINK YOU HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS…ALL THE INSIDE INFORMATION ABOUT BRAZIL THAT NO BODY ELSE HAS, BUT YOU…IN FACT YOU DON’T REALY KNOW MUCH OF ANYTHING…HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT DECIDES TO GO SOUTH OF THE BORDER THINKING HE WOULD HAVE A BETTER CHANCE DOWN THERE WITH HIS EDUCATION… BUT SADLY TO FIND THAT HIS IGNORANCE QUITE EVIDENT TO EVERY SOCIAL CIRCLE IN BRAZIL.. SO MR IDIOT IS TORMENTED WITH AN ENORMOUS FEELING OF INFERIORITY …so he decides to resist till the end…that every day he would post his opinions regardless of any truth or not…(as I have in many instances proof to him of his lies and ignorance) You see …he doesn’t have a job or this here for him is everything!!! So, will predict that you are going down for slander of government administration…and when they do …and they will trust me… we can all celebrate “erguendo nossos calices daqui de brasilia.”
    Patria amada brasil!!!

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    Sorry !
    But there is NO Brazilian digital TV model.
    Otherwise you would have already started building it and not negotiate with the EU, USA or Japan, to determine the technolgy you prefer to adopt !

    Please think twice po this supposed existence of Brazilian technology.

    And just read the news on this same site of around 2 weeks ago, Brazil wants one of this 3 model, but doesnt want to pay 1 old cruzeiro…….AS USUAL !

    The reality is quite different, even the opposite, of what is written today.

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    ….elimate corruption in a country in just a few years.

  • Guest

    Brazil being stupid!!!
    As a Brazilian, I am pretty mad about the possiblity of Brazil going to use the technology of foreigners.

    We, Brazilians, have excelent know-how how to produce high technological equipment.

    So for that reason the government should invest more subastantial sum of money on Brazilian projects, and not fulling the pockets of the already rich nations.

    It should be a good idea to elect me as the new president of Brazil. I will be the one to reduce corruption by 60%, to invest in our own technology and to prevent privatization of our companies!!!

    It is not that I do not advocate Lula’s policy. I think he is doing great compared by Brazilan former leaders and presidents. (You cannot eliminate a corrupt country in just a few years)

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